Bye bye Starbucks?

Discussion in 'Saia' started by NadaTrucker, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. NadaTrucker

    NadaTrucker New Member

    Rumor is Starbucks is gone. True?
  2. gearraker

    gearraker Active Member

  3. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    If you were delivering to the stores you should be rejoicing, those types of deliveries aren't worth having.
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  4. gearraker

    gearraker Active Member

    My barn quit doing them 2 yrs ago...we thru a party
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  5. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    They should throw a party, video tape it and post it on YouTube.
  6. othertrucker2001

    othertrucker2001 Professional Flummoxer

    And send a copy to Starbucks.
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  7. Bastardly

    Bastardly Member

    Good riddance - I have hated them ever since I ended up shutting down the highway pulling a fully loaded set of their's... 60+ bills at a whole 3500 lbs per trailer - sure it was snowing pretty bad & icy as all hell not to mention the two lane road, but that is besides the point.

    honestly there bulk shipments I don't mind at all, it is all those small 1&2 box orders that as a line driver I don't even know if we pull anymore.

    Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that is it large accounts like this that keep us employed & though they may be a PITA if they put it I'm my trailer - I'm gonna pull it
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  8. bigbuck

    bigbuck Active Member

    As of the date I left Saia, Starbucks was around 18,000 bills per week. If Saia says bye-bye, what is the plan to replace that business? Could be layoffs. Be careful what you wish for.
  9. runawaytrain

    runawaytrain Wear their scorn with pride.

    I say it's just a rumor. I don't believe it. I will see tomorrow. That would be like losing ULINE. It would be a huge loss.
  10. bigbuck

    bigbuck Active Member

    I know in the past, when It went 3PL and Estes got it, Saia was freaking out and did something, because they got it back. Personally, I think there are better ways to make money.
  11. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    I love it when those who don't have to deliver the garbage are all for keeping it.
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  12. dnr1262

    dnr1262 Member

    AAA Cooper!
  13. Dracula

    Dracula Well-Known Member

    O'Dell and his management team seem to have a pretty good idea on what kind of freight they want to carry and at what price. In my opinion, it's possible that they staked out a price line, that they were comfortable with even if that meant losing the business, Starbuck's moved on and that's that.
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  14. gearraker

    gearraker Active Member

    Half of the company has not done it in a couple yrs...lanes we are out of balance in they have been pricing us out of the business..this came from a vp
  15. PistonRing83

    PistonRing83 Well-Known Member

    That's one thing about this place that made me hate running city. They haul quite a bit of garbage freight.
  16. gearraker

    gearraker Active Member

    I have not used my 2 wheeler in 2 weeks...i love it
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  17. runawaytrain

    runawaytrain Wear their scorn with pride.

    Still picking up Starbucks in Texas and Tennessee. Not sure about other states and not sure if it's only until the contract expires.
  18. conartist

    conartist Active Member

    CGO region is still doing starbucks.. We probably dont want to price ourselves out of it because most of our terminals inbound:outbound ratio are on the low side..
  19. gearraker

    gearraker Active Member

    None except the grocery stores wich are all dock pull offs in the cin region

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