Cali - Gravel truck kills one, injures two

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    RANCHO CUCAMONGA - An out-of-control gravel truck driver speeding about 70 mph down Archibald Avenue left a path of debris and destruction in his wake, injuring two people and killing one.

    The driver, whose name was not immediately released, slammed into five vehicles including a small Omnitrans bus and a Rancho Cucamonga public works truck.

    Angel Steve Calzada, 51, of Rancho Cucamonga, who was driving the public works truck, was pronounced dead at the scene at Archibald and Arrow Highway.

    "It sounded like a big explosion," said Maria Onodera, who was inside the nearby Jack in the Box restaurant. "Next thing we knew, we saw a bunch of smoke and debris.

    The incident began seconds earlier when the gravel truck driver sped through the intersection of Highland Avenue and Archibald.

    "It appears the gravel truck driver lost his brakes, side-swiped three vehicles and continued on, striking a light standard here," said Rancho Cucamonga fire Capt. Jeff Wenger, pointing to the Arrow Highway sign.


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