Cali - Truck veers off freeway in Red Bluff

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    RED BLUFF - Details are still sketchy as to what caused the driver of a semi truck loaded with high-end cars to veer off the southbound Interstate-5 and overturn next to a residence at the end of Homestead Road just north of the Diamond Avenue exit.
    According to Sgt. Eric Magrini of the Red Bluff Police Department, the department received a call about a truck driving erratically.

    "The caller followed the vehicle up Antelope Boulevard and kept dispatch informed as the driver blew through a stoplight on Sale Lane," said Magrini. "The caller said the driver was all over the road."

    When the truck entered I-5, a Red Bluff police officer followed and noticed that the driver was driving recklessly. The officer signaled for the truck to pull over and that's when it went off the side of the road, overturning next to a fence, Magrini said.

    The unidentified driver was taken to St. Elizabeth Community Hospital for treatment. A small fire broke out inside the truck. The Red Bluff Fire Department responded about 3:40 p.m., putting out the blaze that has been attributed to a hydraulic fuel lift.


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