Call To Action! "Switchboards Are Open" and the "Operators Are Standing By"!

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    Call To Action! "Switchboards Are Open" and the "Operators Are Standing By"!

    Here's our "Call To Action" and "marching orders" from one of our hard working pension committee chairman in Ohio, Dana Vargo! Thanks Dana for some mapping out the plan for us who are not in DC this week. Let's do "whatever it takes" this week to get the Butch Lewis Act attached to the spending bill! Let's keep those "switchboards" open and those "operators" busy this week (see the picture below)!

    Subject: CALL TO ACTION!

    Time is of the essence. As of now, we only have until January 19th to get the Butch Lewis Act into the year-end budget bill. Please call Senator Portman and our Representatives. The Democrats are on board, so only call the Republicans. You can also call Representatives in other districts in Ohio. If you are residing in other states, please call those Senators and House Representatives. Call their local offices as well as their Washington, DC office numbers.

    Things to remember when calling:

    1. Call the Capitol Hotline - 202-224-3121 to be connected directly to the office
    2. Be Polite. Please remember that we need their help.
    3. Essential talking points:
      1. Ask for their "Support in getting the Butch Lewis Pension Rehabilitation Act attached to the January 19 budget bill." Be sure to give Senators bill #S 2147 and House Reps # H.R. 4444. Please be sure to use the exact wording of the above bolded sentence that's in quotes in your calls, as this will allow the bill to be attached without hearings.
      2. Ask them to attend the bipartisan working group meetings set up by Senators Brown and Portman in the Senate, and Congressman Nolan and others in the House. Let them know they're working together to finalize a solution to get the Butch Lewis Act on the budget bill and passed.
      3. Ask them to reach out to their Congressional Leadership to act on the Butch Lewis Act. Let them know the more this is kicked down the road, the more expensive it gets. Inform them just the last four years of kicking the can instead of addressing the issue has cost a minimum of $35 billion and it's projected to go to $102 billion in the next seven years.
      4. In addition to our Ohio legislators, call Speaker of the House Paul Ryan @ 202-225-0600. He previously said he would help us. Now is the time!
      5. Most important is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell @ 202-224-2541. Although he is from Kentucky, he impacts what happens all over the country. If you can't get through to him, you can email his Chief of Staff, Phil Maxson at Phil_Maxson@McConnell.Senate.Gov. If you want to write up something, you can also fax McConnell @ 202-224-2499. In case you don't have a fax machine, you can go to the Public Library and they will help you send it, and there is no charge.
      6. Call every day! If they say you already called, ask them what they are doing to get this passed
    4. One more thing - If the Butch Lewis Act gets in the year-end budget bill by the 19th, that will be fantastic. But just to forewarn you - there is a very good chance that the budget will get continued until March. If that’s the case, then we continue to make calls until March. I will keep you updated.

    We will be back in DC this week so please continue to support us by making the calls. Being in their office physically is one thing - having the phones ring off the hook is another! We all have a job to do! Our power is in numbers! Ask family and friends to call also! We can do this together!

    Here's a little extra to get us all pumped up...
    Cavalry charge - Bugle Call

    Cavalry charge - Bugle Call
    Cavalry charge Bugle Call Thanks to:

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