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Discussion in 'Sysco' started by MikeJ, Dec 28, 2014.

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    I'm told I would be starting on overnight routes. Leave out Sunday night, run until Monday morning, get hotel finish route Monday night, Tuesday morning, head back to Twinsburg, go home until Wednesday night, finish up Friday afternoon. I guess I'll find out soon. Some 53' but mostly 48'.
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    GFS is a lot of 28' trailers the bigger trailers they have on the chain and grocery store runs and the broad line stuff is a lot of 28' trailers. Then they can pull doubles to the warehouse in the afternoon and night. I told GFS if they wanted I would like to go to Lorain County (would love to get out of Cuyahoga) also if they offered I would do key drops and night will see there is a whole world of possibilities.

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