Can Dispatchers really couch you? WTH!

Discussion in 'Saia' started by fief, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. NewTruckGuy

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    I've never heard the term "couched" before.

    Secondly, I'm not understanding how you keep running out of hours. I've had my ass run all over the damn place for 6 days more than once and haven't come close to hitting 70 hours.

    I see you that you recently figured out how to see your remaining hours, maybe you were tracking your hours wrong and thought you had less than you really did.

    In any case no one should be talking to you like that, no matter the circumstances. Ive never had anyone at Central talk to me like that. Sure, theyve at times been a little short with me, sometimes bordering on rude,(rarely) but never right over the line into calling me names.

    I figured out that in order to not get abruptly cut off when trying to explain my situation, when someone answers, I ask to speak to the dispatcher for whatever city/region i am in, and when that person picks up, I tell them clearly what my name is and where I am at so they can quickly bring me up on their screen without having to ask for that info. Seems to make things go a lot quicker.
  2. White

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    Wonder if they could have HOS link to EIC. One can do Vehicle Inspection Report remotely.
  3. Maddog1121

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    Yes sir sure is. The dispatchers at night in Dallas both male's are jokes. They think they are so better then us drivers. And they are both ex drivers. All around horrible company to work for.
  4. bigbuck

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    Are these dispatchers you are referring to at central, or located right at the terminal?

    If they are at central, those conversations are recorded. Just report the disrespect to your TM. If the TM doesn't handle it, contact HR. Stay within the chain of command.

    If they are at the terminal, again...the TM. Use the phrase "I feel disrespected and belittled and that isn't professional." That should get their attention
  5. joes bar and grill

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    Hmmm, 2 pages about how dispatchers abuse and belittle drivers and the resident cheerleader, ex dispatcher is nowhere to be found.
  6. Don't pick on poor choo choo. He's just waiting for the script from the corporate monitors
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    Be fore warned mark a is a facts kinda man he is probably the most honest ,unbiased ,and fair manager at this company but don't try to bulls@"t him he is as straight up and serious as they come don't try to be his friend or kiss his butt he don't play that he sees everyone the same plays no favorites and only sticks to the facts. This company would be 100x better than it is now if everyone in management were like mark a
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    The HOS is already linked to the EIC. You can see a recap of your last 7 days on there.
  9. runawaytrain

    runawaytrain Wear their scorn with pride.

    Always two sides Joe and the other side never gets posted. I'm starting to get too old to get into a pissing contest with these young whipper snappers but I will if they push the Ole Timer. It never ends well for them and besides until you have been on the other side you could never understand anyway. We all answer to someone and it's a cover your ass world. Hell, Joe you know that much. How many times do we have to go round and round with never any winners?
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  11. joes bar and grill

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    My point RAT is, you always cheer for the company regardless of the issue, cameras are good, we don't need a union, dispatchers are using their "go getter". Didja ever notice it's you by yourself? maybe, just maybe it's not everybody else that is wrong.
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    One couldn't in March of '16 when posted. Now it's gone again. So...

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