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    _flag::nutkick:iI cant help it, blue bells post about the man, the company,I just couldnt be the better person and let it go after all this time, well, we all have suffered because of the 10%, yes, even the spencers , we at 01 have seen layoffs , from new hires to people that have worked for the company for over 15+ yrs. It could be worse and we all could be without a job. I consider myself no better than anyone else at laxne ,we all work hard here. there are two brothers that run laxne and when needed they both have put themselves behind the wheel to do whatever has needed to be done , well for the family part you are far from the truth , ive enjoyed working for the spencers for over 13 yrs , though we all have our days and wish for something better , in my own mind I could have done alot worse.

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