Career Ending Operation???

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by pro1driver, May 29, 2014.

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    You're alive! When you're able...give your physical therapy effort 110%.
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    UPDATE: June 11, 2017

    here is an updated picture of the surgery area. the scar/stitching is nearly 6.5 inches long. i had a difficult time holding the tape measurer, and even after i explained in detail where the end of the tape should be, my camera person still didn't get my directions clear.....

    but it is still (nearly) the same length as my last operation.

    i have already printed up a pic for the attorney and including that in with the sales receipt for the meds i had to pay out of pocket.

    i pretty much make copies of everything for the attorney and me as well, as yet another way to continue my miles upon miles long paper trail....


    this is a pic of my operation back in July 2014, (i got hurt on April 10, 2014)


    you should be able to clearly see, the incision goes closer to my butt crack on this recent cutting...(the newest pic)

    the older pics, looks like about 1 to 1.5 inches of space is still there untouched.
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    pro1driver I am LOST

    as i continue to provide updates, i want to again thank the owner, admin and mods for keeping this log/diary open for all to see, read and respond.

    i do hope and pray that no one go thru the complete and utter BS that i have gone thru since that fateful April 10, 2014 injury.

    i can olny also hope and pray that anyone that does get injured on the job, seek out IMMEDIATELY an attorney well experienced in Workman Comp's laws and claims. then let THAT person be your mouthpiece. that person and his/her staff, are there to PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS as an injured person..!!!!!! AS NO ONE ELSE WILL DO THAT...!!!!!!!!

    all these attorneys, lawyers and paralegals pretty much know one another and will talk to each other in the halls of the court, but they do not discuss YOUR case by using YOUR NAME.....they say something like, "i got a client that", or "my buddy has a client that"......

    so never feel that your attorney is just jabbering away with your privacy.

    i had to put my trust, and faith and confidence into my attorney, as well as into my surgeon.

    i do put "some faith" in the judicial system.

    i have no faith nor confidence in health care clinics (such as Concentra in my case) to do anything for me, but yet do it all for the employer.

    all that seems to be Concentra's motto is..."all for the employer, screw the employee, get 'em back to work, no matter how much pain they are in".

    so thanks again to all, that are keeping this thread open, and thanks for the responses, and take NO SHYTE FROM ANYONE, if you ever get hurt, and by golly...START A DAMNED PAPER TRAIL...!!!!!!!!

    more updates are coming.......(just not anymore
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    I want to lick that scar.....NOT!
    Seriously...You seem to be doing pretty good with that Freddy Kreuger, Michael Meyers special.
    I have a 3 inch scar...and your's is about right for the amount of fusions you received.

    Good Luck....don't get addicted to drugs and again.....give the therapy your all. It will TOTALLY help you out in the long run whether you work or not.
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    this is nearly exactly like the table i w as operated on. it is called a Jackson table....

    i thought of it as a boat trailer..

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    That's the table that they heavily sedate you, strap you in and water board you to make you verbally settle for pennies on the dollar and than finish the surgery.
    I think they forgot to tell you the first part.........Back to work you go! j/k

    I never got to see the table that was used on me. I know I fell asleep and got plopped onto another fusion table.
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  8. pro1driver

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    yeah, this time i was not given the "happy juice" till i got into the room and met many other people there. i'd only assume that table rotates like on a rotisserie and comes down on me, then they strap me in, place the breathing tube, then rotate me around. i weigh a mere 200 pounds and i cannot see anyone lifting me and placing me down face first.

    i just thought it was so funny, i thought boat trailer right away.

    the other previous 2 operations, i was given "happy juice" as they rolled me into the O/R.

    and i told THIS anaesthetist to go full throttle, load me up till i burst.

    he said ok, i thought that was nice of
  9. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    UPDATE: June 14, 2017

    i just took off the newer dressing on the wound. the first one, was taken off Sunday morning.

    well, just a tad bit of yuck on the newer dressing.

    it felt good to wash a back there. i am in an air-conditioned apartment, as it has been HOT and MUGGY the past couple of days, so my sweating wasn't any real problem. right now, it's a gorgeous 75 degree's and the humidity is falling off.

    so since i cannot sit down yet in the tub, i just used the sink and a wash cloth.

    none of us here in this house has a shower, we all have the old clawfoot tubs. then once we sit into the tubs, i have everyone's apartment rigged up with a shower wand on a long hose, that is permanently attached to the fawcetts.

    it would be outrageous for me to invest in all 3 bathrooms with real showers.

    so i washed with cool water, and it felt great.

    ever get an itch you cannot scratch from like saying having a cast on a broken arm/leg..??

    i was getting a VERY ANNOYING itch, on the outer perimeter of the long bandage.

    i would YES, GENTLY rub the area, being ever so careful to not rub/scratch hard.

    now of course, the itch is gone.

    i am still taking the oxycodone, HCL, 5 MG

    i just earlier called in the refill for the next round, and told the pharmacist to call me if the workman's comp does not pick up, and i will call the attorney.

    so far, she hasn't called me, she said she will IF there is a problem.

    i am taking the pills as prescribed, one every (nearly) 6 hours...more like one every 4 to 5 hours.

    i was told there would be a difference in the next script. maybe the hours per dosage.>??

    i dunno, it was the pharmacists job to read them.

    and it the insurance company's RESPONSIBILITY to pay for them.

    i frankly as i said in another posting, cannot see why the prescription benefits of this claim expired when the claim is still open...maybe that's normal.

    but tell you what, i HAD better things to spend that $15.00 on that day, other than meds.

    $15.00 DID NOT break my bank, it's ALL on principal...

    why should I HAVE TO SHELL OUT MY MONEY, for something, SOMEONE ELSE is RESPONSIBLE FOR..?????

    i'll get that money back, i know that.

    but i like to make a big stink over stoopit crap, that is/was totally unnecessary to say the least.

    what if the person picking up my meds, DID NOT HAVE the $15.00...????

    trust me, that person has been know, NOT TO HAVE 50ยข on her......

    so here i sit, nice and as fresh as a daisy, and no itching and nothing to do but surf the web.

    i even powdered my ass.....
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  10. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    UPDATE: June 14, 2017

    well the pharmacy called me back, said the insurance would not go thru.

    i called the attorney. gal there said she cannot reach the adjuster, and only gets the voice mail. gal tells me the attorney called thier attorney to complain and even THIER attorney can only get the voice mail..!!!!! who DOES NOT respond to thier legal representative.?? apparently this stupid insurer.

    the only difference is the amount of pills this time around. 1st script had 20 tablets, this next one has 70 tablets. cost this time too is $40.

    i asked the pharmacist how long till they fill out the script, do i have to pick it up?

    i was told 14 days..

    oh boy, i get to be with out meds to kill the pain for 14 days..???

    then too, it takes "up to" 21 days for the reimbursement checks. so now i have to wait 21 days for my first reimbursement, and another 21 day for the next.

    must be nice to the insurance company to think i am loaded with money

    i left an email for my attorney, that they got the wrong guy if they think thier nonsense is gonna make me give up and settle.

    i got 3 MORE years i can bust balls too.....

    ohhh...i feel another pain.
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    pro1driver I am LOST

    UPDATE: June 15, 2017

    ok, well apparently, the workeman's comp insurance company about a month ago, switched to a different meds provider.

    now, how did i find out?

    believe it or not, the insurance adjuster called me!

    we are not allowed to speak to one another as we each have attorneys, but she left a message on my answering machine.

    this explained the stupid delay and denials.

    i had to cover my ass and called my attorney to let him know i got the phone call. the gal there was surprised and asked if we spoke, i said no, it was all on my machine.

    so by the end of today, my meds ought to be approved, i was told.

    i got a doctors appointment in the morning and my sis will go pic them up. if they are still not ready.>??

    all hell is gonna break loose.

    wanna know why?

    the pharmacist refused to take the phone number and company information, as she was told to "sit tight"

    like WTF, take down the damned information!!!!!!!!

    well anyway's....good drugs should be on the way to me now!!!!

    still getting pains of course, i removed the bandage a couple of days ago. i just washed, and i think some "bits and pieces of debris washed off as well.
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    UPDATE: June 19, 2017

    Just got back from my post op check up. doctors P/A said i am healing up fine. there is still some internal swelling, that is causing me to feel some numbness in my feet and lower legs. i can start driving my car again if i feel up to it, and boy i sure do, maybe tomorrow morning i will do that, as i cannot go out right now, i had already taken my meds before the visit. someone had to take me there and back.. it's been murder on me to get up my usual 4 AM time and not being able to go and get the morning papers.

    she gave me the script to start p/t in another week or two.

    if i need more pain meds, i have to call the office, then go there and pick them up. but like she said, they would hope to have me off them long before i need yet another refill, and most likely like the last time, i will indeed be off them.

    at least now, being able to drive, i can cut back on my family of helping me. as it stands the p/a told me to still lift NO MORE than a gallon of milk, which she says is about 5 pounds. this will increase slightly as time progresses.

    i had noticed too, that i cannot bend backwards at all in basic terms.

    she said that bending forwards (when that time comes in p/t), there will be limits as well, but not nearly like bending backwards.

    i had to brush my teeth and use some mouthwash, when i went back a bit to gargle, i felt the limits of the new fusion. she is "guesstimating" my weight restrictions will be about the 20 to 30 pound range, like my last operation, i was documented at no more than 25 pounds of weights.

    that's gonna suck now, trying to eat a subway

    or when i make my lasagna's which can weight in at about 100

    (not really 100 pounds, but i do make it real heavy!!)

    so that's about it for now. i had limitations back in 2001 with my first operation, then more limits with my second operation in 2014, now yet newer limits coming soon.
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    A fictional assumption considering your pro-clivities in many posts BEFORE your debilitating injury:
    Your inflatable girlfriend weighs less than 20 pounds so you're home free.
    Just give a go at not getting overly excited and thanks for not a longer inclusion of rear cleavage in your picture of the incision.

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  14. pro1driver

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    i was tempted, to show!
  15. pro1driver

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    UPDATE: June 23,2017

    still in pain. i have been swallowing the oxy's like gummy bears. (at the times i need to take them, i am not flagrantly popping them).

    i was hoping to not still be taking them by now. my hope is to wean off them by the end of next week.

    i walk around a bit, and sit and lay back, all in some form of moderation.

    at night sleeping is a chore. if i elevate the left leg, all is good for about 15 minutes, then i have to lower it.

    i can only lay on my back. i do have a comfortable brand new mattress as well, but it just isn't as comfortable after this operation.

    i walk up and down a flight of stairs, and i still do not bend down to pick up anything. if at all, i have to squat, and that is not always easy.

    i get into and out of my car with as much ease as i can without twisting my body, and sit down slowly. driving is actually quite comfortable.

    i have not and will not contact the p/t people for at least another week. the doctors p/a told me to do so by next week, but i will not. i want as much of this healing to take place and most of the pains to be gone. i do not wish to go thru the same BS as my last operation and therapy went.

    then too, like the last time, NO WATER THERAPY.....!!

    i tried that ONCE after my last operation and it was very uncomfortable for me, since i mentioned, as a kid, i nearly drowned. but i thought i'd give it a shot, as per the urging of some people here.

    NOT GONNA LISTEN to that ever again...!!!!!!!

    updates maybe next week.

    that's all for now folks!
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    Satin sheets or anything that helps you slide or glide off the bed as you do the "Log Roll Technique", works wonders. Certain soft cool clothing helps too.
    For me it was actually a children's sleeping bag opened up that helped me slide off the bed into my awaiting chariot....oops.....I mean walker.
    Do you also use those grabbers to grab certain things until you can actually feel better at squatting?

    Seriously, if it's not too late, try the satin or any soft sheets to help glide off the mattress, it also stays somewhat cool.
  17. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    i have no grabbers. i think my late dad had one, but it may have been thrown out.

    as far as squatting, it isn't any easier to do this. i have to angle my feet outwards and that is uncomfortable as the pain in the leg shoots up to my back.

    so i limit any squatting for anything that i drop on the floor. i just wait till i get a visitor to pick it up.

    i never gave satin sheets any thought. nor any clothing that would allow me easier on/off the bed. as it is now, my (weakly) benefits checks are all i can do to keep up with my current bills and such, so any more expenditures may be out of the question.

    i do have a sleeping bag, but am not sure on how you mean to set it up on the bed, as you say.
  18. Dockworker

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    I hear you on the expenditures.
    The sleeping bag has to be made of that satin type material. (Slippery if that makes sense......I think it's Polyester)
    Just spread it out on the bed and you can slide and adjust as you please. It helped me tremendously as the other fabrics seemed to make me stick to the bed when I wanted out.
  19. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    ok, i'd "assume" the fabric (insides) down on the bed, slippery side up?

    i think mine is of the nylon type, as it is a bag that is good for about 0 degrees....

    i can try that. it is a wonder (really) that the p/t people don't come up with what can be simple solutions.

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    Such "more" would violate the "Rules Of The Road" much like did the racy pictures (NON Family Friendly) of women when we had such allowed thread.
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