CDL and unable to find JOB! HELP

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by MichealDino, Nov 27, 2013.

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    My name is Michael, I have been pulling 40' plus trailers moving furniture my whole life and recently decided to get my CDL, I went to a driving school in austin tx paid a arm and a leg for the class! I did great in the class, made a 100 on my driving test and got my Class A CDL, im in the process right now of getting tanker and hazmat endorsments... Im having alot of problems trying to find a job because I dont have documented experience, seems like everyone wants 2-3 yr experience to even talk to you... Anyone have any advice for applying for jobs or companies i should look into? I live in San Antonio area Texas. I have a wife and 2 young boys so i would like to stay close.. this sounds bad but is there any way to BS and lie about experience? Im a good driver and im confident that i can hold my own.. wanna say thanks in advance for anything yall can help me with. Have to find a job asap my family is struggling..
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    Don't lie!

    If you wanna stay home, look at your local LTL companies like Old Dominian, ABF, FedEx, Saia, Estes, UPS, AAA Cooper and so on. See what they have for local/Dock work.

    Or you can look at your local beverage companies like Coke Cola or any beer company. May have to start out loading the trucks at night, but you'll be able to move into a delivery route position.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks Stoney i will look into all those companies
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    Hey Mike, if your in the San Antonio area, look into Sysco, your experience moving stuff will be a big player, you can make a pretty good living and be home at night with your wife and kiddos!

    If you have your CDL but no experience they will put you with a driver to help you out for a while, we do this in OK, in fact we have trained drivers and they have auto transmission restrictions, we are hurting for people, SA may be too, just dog the crap out of them.

    First apply on line, they will be looking at those apps, next find the number and ask for the Transportation Mgr and dog his ass! Let them know how much you want on. Groceries are a little different than funiture, some are heavy most isn't, but it ain't a freakin sleeper couch!!!
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    San Antonio - SNN (166) 427 Gembler Road San Antonio, TX 78219 (210) 222-8161 (210) 222-8114 View

    Estes terminal.Might try them,good luck driver
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    great advice
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    Here is the issue: Most companies want experience and the ones that will take recent CDL School Grads. want to put you with a road trainer for a month or so. You may have to go with a smaller company for awhile to get some miles under your belt. One year experience with no accidents or tickets looks huge if the year is Over the that is a year in heavy traffic. Most will tell you that some of the local hauling driving jobs can be pretty tough. We have people tearing up our equipment all the time who are OTR drivers. Some just can't back into some of the docks at the back of the stores.

    Stick with it and good luck, I know a few companies who would put you right to work. But it may well not be what you want.
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    Check H.E.B.

    How are your Criminal and Driving records??
    With some specific convictions, some Companies will NOT TALK TO YOU and most "training schools" care not that some people are simply unqualified to drive C.M.V.s.
    - - - -
    Best of Hope for ya.
    You should turn something up soon.

    Can not the "training school" give ya some leads or HELP PLACE YOU??

    Thank You and please continue to keep US apprised!

    CHEERS!! :wavey:
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    Keep looking and dont give up. I was 21 when i got my NY state Class 1 Lic. No-one would hire me, well that was in the late 70's and getting a driving job was not easy as it is today. I had to take whatever OTR job i could find
    just to get some experience.
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    Here's my 2 cents worth

    Interview well
    Drive safe
    get your Hazmat endorsement
    get a little experience with a smaller company

    you will be a sought after commodity most companies drool over a safe driver with experience and endorsements!!!!!
    good luck
  11. pro1driver

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    this is actually quite funny..

    many weeks ago, i went to talk with a guy at a trucking company, that had a job which would be at least 5 days per week, with "quick turn-around's", as i would meet up with another driver, half way, switch out and return..


    that is the "set-up"

    then i asked about pay, benefits, vacations, etc.

    the pay was very good, but NOT great.

    benefits..?? vacations...?? sick days..??

    well this guy told me that, the owner was a former o/o, and he never got vacations, or sick days, or anything else, and so he doesn't pay that either.

    i said to this guy, "most o/o's BECOME an o/o because they DID NOT LIKE working for "the man" and want better pay, BETTER TREATMENT, etc,etc..

    "Seems to me" ...(i continued), "that he is just as much an acehole than ANY COMPANY out there, and treats HIS driver's like crap"

    the guy "saw" in my resume`, that i was a former instructor, and said...

    "hey, we hire from THAT school"....

    to wit i had said back to him..

    "this tells me, you want cheap labor, no skills, and HIGHER insurance rates...good luck to YOU and the DUMBACE owner of this crap filed outfit"....

    as i exited the building, several people saw and heard me laughing.....

    they must have thought that i either just heard a funny joke, or was simply insane...

    the former.....was on target.....
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    You could also start looking at some of the mail contractors. The USPS itself requires experience, but many of the contractors are willing to take on student drivers.

    Try avoiding the larger LTL's such as UPS and FedEx as they all want experience for their city drivers. You'll have to bite the bullet and dummy down for a few years.
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    Any updates from OP?

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