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CDL Class A truck drivers are needed

Discussion in 'Truck Drivers Wanted' started by Rich Cargo, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Rich Cargo

    Rich Cargo New Member

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    We are looking for CDL A class drivers on StepDeck and Flatbed trailers

    We offer 0.60 cpm and 3500+ miles per week. Paid stops.

    Requirements: 35+ y.o.
    Experience: 2+ years
    Clean record

    Also Dispatching Services for Owners - just 5 %. We pay the driver 95% of the order.

    Callortext +1 917-847-8277 , +1312-206-5503
  2. BigRigBobby

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  3. Big Dave

    Big Dave Dispatcher for Team BRG-Wong

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    Go online. Find a school close to where you live. Drive over there. Stand next to the school building. Take a selfie of you and the school "near" you.

    :36::438: Sorry. Couldn't resist.
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