Central States Fund: $15.45 Billion

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    The first quarter 2017 Financial and Analytical Report of the Central States Pension Fund shows that it has treaded water over the past 12 months, due to a booming stock market. But that situation cannot last.


    The Quarterly Report of the Independent Special Counsel reflects the seriousness of the situation. In fact, the Fund, on the advice of its fiduciary, Northern Trust Investments, is now decreasing its investments in stocks. This will likely yield lower returns, but should help protect the fund from any potential stock fall, as its assets dwindle in the coming years.

    The fund’s $15.45 billion is 48% in stock holdings; last year it was 65%. Over the 12 months ending March 31, 2017, the fund made 12.1% on its investments, due to the fact that 2016 and early 2017 have seen a run-up in stocks. (The fund made 16.6% on its stock holdings in that year.)
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    Thanks for the update. 12-16% is a very good return on investments but I also think the stock market will not sustain it's current rate.
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    That comes to $37,561 per CSPF Tesmster in a one time payout. When the cuts were turned down, it was over $42,000 per CSPF Teamster. Hope those against cuts are proud, and prepared to live on zero....
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