CF Terminal (Richfield, Oh.)

Discussion in 'Consolidated Freightways' started by Dockworker, Nov 9, 2008.

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    looks like the national geo special 100 years without humans.
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    i got on with roadway dec 02 but they kept me layoff holland put me on in june of 03 i never miss a day till i retired but i go back to cf today if they were to come back but thats never going to happen good luck to all of us thats left
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    down off Moreland Ave. in Atlanta, GA the CF sign is still there, I have a pic of it, I'll have to find it on my computer and post it. There used to be a big rock painted red/white/green with the CF logo on it to, I didn't see it the last time I was in the area...
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    I'm back at Yellow Richfield for the 3rd time. Started here on the road in 1988, laid off. Starved to get on Yellow Ashtabula only to be laid off Christmas 91. No work for 6 months. CF called me out of the blue one day and offered work at the old Ashtabula terminal. I had'nt even filled out an application. I jumped on it. Closed Ashtabula terminal in April 1993 and transfered to Erie, Pa. till the end. In my 10 years af CF, I used 2 sick days total. Meaning I loved working there. I missed 2 days of work other than my sick days. The first was the first day after the strike in 94, the other was it was 18 below zero and Erie had a brownout, no power. Bill Cousins even called me to tell me I was'nt working that day. Try to get that from a Yellow supervisor.
    I work with a lot of ex CFers. Every single one of them are the best people I've ever worked with.
    I'll never regret my time at CF, it was the best 10 years of my life. I was talking to a 75 year old retired truck driver a few years ago, who learned I worked at CF. He said "you got in there?" Then said "I always wanted to work there, everybody wanted to work there years ago"
    I miss CF.
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    Nicely done, DW.
    Who took the pics?
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    Richfield Terminal

    My Dad retired from CF before they closed the terminal. He started as a dock worker and then a truck driver. He was so sad when they closed. He really felt bad for everyone that lost their job. I know he shed tears about it. To this day he talks fondly of them and of working at Consolidated Freightways. He was very poud of the company he worked for and it provided us with a good life. Plenty of food on the table and a nice roof over our head. I wonder if there is anyone that has any pictures of the terminal in Richfield, ohio that you could send me so that I can make Dad a scrapbook for Christmas. If so I would appreciate it.
    Thanks and I'm glad you all keep in touch in spite of the closing.
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    All that's left of it is the overgrown concrete pad, sitting inside of the rusty fence. Richfield refused to let anyone else move in there, flattened it when the neighborhood complained about the eyesore, and they've done nothing with the property since. What a waste.
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    I worked at CF in Buffalo for 19 years, 1976-1995 . If you have experienced a winter in Buffalo you can understand my move to Fla. After 10 years with Watkins , I got hired at Conway and now XPO. I have been in trucking for 45 years and I am still working. Maybe 1 or 2 more years and I might retire. I enjoyed working at CF , we worked together and helped each other .
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