Charlotte City Drivers Attention!

Discussion in 'Fedex Freight' started by cheech wizard, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Starkravinloon

    Starkravinloon Hero's Falling At Home

    That, my friend, has already been accepted by me as a "no win" ...LOL
  2. Crazy Trucker

    Crazy Trucker Clown Math Expert

    But yet the majority voted it in. lol
  3. Insane Trucker

    Insane Trucker Active Member

    Never got one while it was overnite. You think FedEx is going to sale out to ups? Exactly.
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  4. Purple Hammer

    Purple Hammer On Time Delivery

    And a majority will vote it out.
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  5. Redracer3136

    Redracer3136 BANNED

    110 out of 223 isn't a majority....must be some more of that Obama math!
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  6. 00mustang

    00mustang ON THE ROAD IN THE WAY @61.97

    No math needed some of the driver's didn't take the time to vote either way
  7. Redracer3136

    Redracer3136 BANNED

    Thanks for proving my point, they didn't get the majority of drivers like you stated.
    Prior to 2010, those that didn't vote would've been counted as no votes....guess that $1.7 billion that the labor unions spent on liberal candidates (Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, & The Ruler) was money well spent.
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  8. 00mustang

    00mustang ON THE ROAD IN THE WAY @61.97

    That's true,but since they had more yes then no ,the people that couldn't wouldn't didn't care to take the time to vote have no voice.just like any election if you don't take the time to vote and the outcome is not to your liking,too bad so sad, That's the rules today and everybody should have been wise to vote either way instead of sitting back and watching the outcome. In reguards I think all dc is a bunch of crooks both ways,respect the vote "nuff said
  9. SwampRatt

    SwampRatt Well-Known Member

    You know it comes down to Votes cast, as it should. Why would you (or anyone) assume all of those who didn't vote would be no votes? Illogical at best.
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  10. Crazy Trucker

    Crazy Trucker Clown Math Expert

    Give up man your sounding pathetic they voted it in end of story.
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  11. Cab Lizzard

    Cab Lizzard Well-Known Member

    How much did Fred spend to keep his mushrooms in the dark ?
  12. jake brake

    jake brake Banned

    First off it was 110 out of 207. 211 voted. 4 were challenged. So its 55%Yes 45% no . It is a majority.
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  13. citydog

    citydog Well-Known Member

    We will never give up just keep that in mind the strong will prevail. :nutkick:
  14. Crazy Trucker

    Crazy Trucker Clown Math Expert

    Lol good luck
  15. Getoverit

    Getoverit Well-Known Member

    Still got that secret plan your buddy wasn't gonna let out of the bag just yet, maybe time to open that bag and show your hand!!! OR you could not open it and lite it on fire and then stomp it out!! But then you'd have the same thing on your shoes as you do your, I'm sure you get the jest???
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  16. 222lifer

    222lifer union thug

    Ever wonder if someone knew what was in the future for Overnite? In other words...... Why throw more money at a battle that was won?
  17. 222lifer

    222lifer union thug

    Pocket change right? Money well spent to have a fair election. A non vote is just that. It should not count as a nay. If our legislators had the same, could you just imagine what the outcome of our laws would be? Chaotic to say the least.
  18. johndeere4020

    johndeere4020 Well-Known Member

    No idea what you are talking about.
  19. 222lifer

    222lifer union thug

    Why continue to throw money at organizing Overnite when a simple acquisition changes the game.
  20. bigtruk_us

    bigtruk_us Well-Known Member

    Only difference between organizing Over nite and FedEx.The union pushed to organize Overnite.We were asked to help you and get the balloting.Not mad or anything.I think it's been great organizing some of ya's. .keep up the effort
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