Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by nervouswreck, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. nervouswreck

    nervouswreck Member

    Went by ya'lls terminal in Belmont yesterday. Looks like the move from Charlotte is about complete. Nice to see someone in there again.
  2. HillBilly Frog

    HillBilly Frog Active Member

    Should be up and running today. 4-24-06
  3. Docksteward

    Docksteward Teamsters Local 71

    Just wondering.....who's terminal was it before? DS.
  4. HillBilly Frog

    HillBilly Frog Active Member

    Dugans when they shut down. Someone else had it before them. I think I recall somebody saying it was Burlington.
  5. metalmikex

    metalmikex Member

    It was Burlington Ind. before Dugan was there, Was vacant for years. Dugan was only there for a year or two.
  6. Docksteward

    Docksteward Teamsters Local 71

    Thanks........and welcome to the boards, metalmikex!:wavey: DS.
  7. Jughead

    Jughead LOST

    whats up at the old term. in Charollette. any body in there?
  8. metalmikex

    metalmikex Member

    Around last october word was or should i say rumor was that ABF was gonna move into
    Dugan's old terminal which has happened.
    USF Holland was gonna move into ABF's terminal and Roadway was gonna move back into the Holland terminal where we were 11 years ago.. Guess time will tell.
  9. nightshadow

    nightshadow Member

    everyone has to be in a terminal when the music stops!

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