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Discussion in 'Southeastern Freight Lines' started by roadkill, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. used&abused

    used&abused New Member

    here here :grouphug:
  2. Hammer48

    Hammer48 New Member

    I'm here name but I been here before ;)
  3. j-cal

    j-cal New Member

    He came from WAT he was PUD supervisor.
  4. backstrap

    backstrap Member

    i believe they need to find a few more good terminal managers and city dispatchers.:stirthepot:
  5. Redskins

    Redskins Member

    Re registered in NC
  6. Redskins

    Redskins Member

    In FAY, we've been without a T.M. for two weeks, Hope and pray we get a good one to replace him.
  7. Plinker

    Plinker New Member

    Raleigh P&D Driver here. Had an account before but haven't posted in over a year and forgot username.:shift:
  8. robo33

    robo33 Member

    fmy tm transfering to charleston at end of the month
  9. robo33

    robo33 Member

    hope you all are keepin warm, be careful out there
  10. varidgerunner

    varidgerunner New Member

    Ridgerunner here from ROA. Formally Tinabell902. Hadn't been here in a while, but back for now.
  11. backstrap

    backstrap Member

    J-cal- glad to hear you all got a new leader. We could use one
    also. They really need to look at some of the terminals that
    were operating #1 in the region and now the worst in the region.
    That only should throw up a red flag on mgnt........hope they change
    this soon....
  12. j-cal

    j-cal New Member

    :6799::6799:Back-strap what terminal are you out of?I'm out of LRK we are closed due to the snow here.You are right about looking at the terminals that are #1 in the regions and follow them.Our TM has made a big difference in LRK.
  13. backstrap

    backstrap Member

    I rather not say we may have someone trolling the site
    and i dont want to be pointed out....

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