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Discussion in 'Pitt-Ohio' started by marko62ss, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. marko62ss

    marko62ss New Member

    Hello fellow drivers.
    I am a new Pitt Ohio city driver and I have a few questions.
    So far the job seems great, very nice helpful people and overall a nice atmosphere.

    First off I am on my second week out by myself I average around 14 deliveries which all of them I can make its the pick ups I cant get them all.
    Out of the three I was given over the people net I was able to get 2 the only able to get 1 out of the three the second week.

    My question is, is Pitt give some leeway on new driver or is this pretty common that all the pick ups cant be made?

  2. bubs

    bubs Active Member

    It depends on what terminal youre at. At btc, you were expected to always get pickups and skip deliveries if needed. Also depends if youre straight truck or tractor trailer.

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  3. bubs

    bubs Active Member

    Just ask the guys what they do

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  4. marko62ss

    marko62ss New Member

    I running a tractor.
    The trainer I was with pretty much told me he always gets his deliveries and his pick ups.
    I am just seeing if it was his gun ho attitude since he was training or is that the norm?

    Also It helps once you get the area your in down, what door to go in ect..
  5. bubs

    bubs Active Member

    It helps immensely

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  6. Washboard

    Washboard Member

    My experience when I started as a p&d driver was that they do cut you some slack, especially if they see you are obviously trying hard to get the job done. Knowing a run DEFINITELY will cut your time because those minutes lost while looking for an address, not knowing which door to use, the procedure once you're there etc, add up quickly as the day goes on. As Bubs said, pick ups are the priority but if you see you are in a bind for time, let your dispatcher make the decision on what to do as he/she knows best what has to be done and what can slide until tomorrow.

    Would you mind sharing which terminal you work out of? No problem if you'd rather not.:)
  7. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    I might not be a freight truck driver, but as a beer truck driver, I can defiantly say without a doubt, when you don't know what door to go into, where the place is or what to do once you get there, time gets lost very quickly. Trust me I've lived it my self, more then one time too. When you know all that information you can really save your self a lot of time.
  8. Rusty Kuntz

    Rusty Kuntz Member

    Are you the beer dude?
  9. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm a beer dude for now. It's alright it's got it's ups and downs, but what doesn't? It's a hard job though, today I had 29 kegs most going down stairs. A few cases as well, 19 stops. Next week is beer week, how that will affect me, I don't know, because that's more of a thing for the companies that have the import books. Where I work, we don't have a ton of imports, really don't have that many at all. We have a lot of craft beers and then the Miller-Coors Fine Family of products. So I'll be heavier then normal next week, especially on Thursday, but probably loaded with Bluemoon and Ozark Blues.

    This week and weekend 24oz single serves of Old English went on sale for $0.99 so I had quite a few cases of Old English single serves on my truck. Just a little inside knowledge about the beer biz.

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