Clinton Confidant Sidney Blumenthal Spread Birther Rumors in 2008

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rastus, Feb 7, 2018.

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    When you combine the report Blumenthal was saying Obama was born in Kenya with the fact that Clinton campaign did circulate a memo outlining plans to attack Obama's "lack of American roots," it doesn't seem far fetched that the Clinton campaign played a much bigger role in midwifing birtherism than they or the media would like to admit.

    Clinton later tried to bring Blumenthal with her to the State Department (a plan the Obama administration nixed, probably at least in part because they were familiar with Blumenthal's lengthy record of trashing Obama)
    This is the person who was feeding fake stories about Trump to fusion gps to send back to the fbi.
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    After seeing what we are currently seeing from the Obama administration crooks, nothing that the Clintons could do would surprise me. The Clinton camp and the Obama camp are birds of a feather........

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