Colts fire coach Jim Caldwell after 3 seasons

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    NDIANAPOLIS (AP)—Jim Caldwell endured everything thrown at him during his first two seasons as the Colts’ coach—replacing a friend, constant criticism, even fighting through a huge rash of injuries. He couldn’t survive the loss of Peyton Manning. Caldwell became the Colts’ third high-profile dismissal in an offseason purge, getting fired Tuesday after producing the franchise’s worst record in two decades.“This is obviously a big transitional time for us, and I know we’re excited moving forward and it’s hard when you say goodbyes to some people,” team owner Jim Irsay said. “But it’s part of the business.”In Indianapolis, it’s been anything but business as usual.

    The day after they finished 2-14 and locked up the No. 1 overall draft pick, Irsay fired team vice chairman Bill Polian, the architect of the Colts’ success, and his son, Chris, the hand-picked general manager. A nine-day search prompted Irsay to hire 39-year-old Ryan Grigson as the replacement last Wednesday..................

    Colts fire coach Jim Caldwell after 3 seasons - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
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    I'm torn on whether he should have been fired or not. One side of me says that it isn't fair, since he lost a Hall of Fame QB for the season. The other side of me says that Payton Manning didn't play on the defensive side of the ball, and their defense stunk also. So the team obviously had laid down on him. I think that a great coach could have held them together better. Losing a starting QB was a huge loss, but the whole team looked horrible. I guess that's part of the business.
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    Polian is good at what he does..Make a profit...He seen something missing on that team...One thing, a Tony Dungy type coach...No, Caldwell wasn't anything like TD, even though he was with TD for a while...

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