Columbus,Oh. shuttle driver?

Discussion in 'US Foodservice' started by Screamy, Mar 24, 2014.

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    Columbus has ad for shuttle driver. Hows the money, benefits and work schedule? Thanks!
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    Hey there. I don't know the anwers yet but i do have a interview this coming Tuesday. So as soon as i get the answer i will post them there.

    But i would like to know if the position is union or non-union, starting wage and top scale wage, benefits, schedule, etc.
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    Well i had my interview with Steve B. Seems to be nice manager running the Columbus, Ohio location.

    He is interviewing 4-6 people for just 1 current full-time Shuttle Driver. I hope i am the one picked for this position.

    US Foods in Columbus, Ohio is a non-union position.

    Work Schedule. Start-time 5pm finish up between 3-4am.
    40-50 hours a week.

    Benefits 2 Plans to choose from. Major medical,prescription card, dental,vision. Not sure of out of pocket cost for employee.

    Paid bi-weekly

    Not sure of life insurance or short-term or long-term disability if offered.

    Paid time off offered first year. 2 weeks vacation, 4 sick days, 3 personal days, 4 holidays a year.

    Starting pay is $19.45 hour with a 2 year wage progression. U receive a wage progression wage every 6 months total of 4 of them.

    Current top scale wage there is $22.35 hour- they pay time and half after 40 hours.

    They receive 1 yearly raise a year between .35-40 cents

    6 months probationary period.

    Receive 2 yearly small bonuses for safety, attendance and fuel .

    Retirement plans,... 401k plan with a company match of %6 . And a company pension too. Vestment time starts away at least that's what i was told.

    Paid company uniforms. And a once a year boots paid for 2.

    Hmm i maybe missing some other things but this is pretty much it.
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    Good luck driver. Sounds great. Hope you get it

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