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Discussion in 'Dayton' started by 1FastVette, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. 1FastVette

    1FastVette Member

    Hello Everyone.

    Question. I applied at the Columbus, OH terminal. For fulltime City P@D Driver.

    I received a call and had a decent quick phone interview. And applied on company site -Application.

    The ad said starting wage was $21.94 hour with a 2 year wage progression. What is current top scale for this position now?
  2. bentrim

    bentrim New Member

    $26 an hour overtime after 40
  3. 1FastVette

    1FastVette Member

    Wow. That sound good. So at the pay with ot after 40 and the rest of the hiring package. And treatment management gives the worker.

    How do u like there. And comparing to the other non-union ltl in the Columbus,ohio market area?
  4. bentrim

    bentrim New Member

    I really have to say that I do like the job and company very well. I don't think you could find a better LTL company that treats you as well but that is just my opinion based on what I have heard about other places through friends, etc. I would highly recommend the job. Although I haven't done city here, it seems as though the city guys I talk to seem to be very happy with the job and the company.
  5. 1FastVette

    1FastVette Member


    If I am offered the Fulltime City P@D Driver job. Going to take it. Maybe considering trying linehaul in near future with them.

    ROUGHBOY Member

    Dayton Freight isn't represented by Teamsters?
  7. coondogg

    coondogg Freight Herder

    No. Did you think it was a union company?
  8. 1FastVette

    1FastVette Member

    So Coondog.

    So at the Columbus,Ohio terminal. When hired at the bottom of the city board. Do they run a ten-percent board-on call.

    Or are u given a start time? Any different on the linehaul board?
  9. coondogg

    coondogg Freight Herder

    No ten-percenters as I understand the definition from reading other company's forums. I worked every day during the winter as bottom city man and I worked every day during the winter when I was bottom man on the linehaul board.

    You'll have a late start time doing cleanup deliveries at first until you can bid an earlier start time. I think it's 11am right now. I'll have to check the city bid sheet. My 1st winter, I think I had 1 week where I worked a hair less than 40. Every other week was above 40. It is not a hog board, where the top guys can work as much as they want to. It slows down a little for everybody, and top guys get first shot at CC days.
  10. 1FastVette

    1FastVette Member

    Thanks Coondog.

    I haven't heard nothing back yet. So I take no news as good news. Better than being told no.

    Hope they hire me.
  11. coondogg

    coondogg Freight Herder

    Good luck!
  12. 1FastVette

    1FastVette Member

    Well it has been roughly 3 weeks now. And I haven't heard anything back. Phone call or email response.

    Not sure if I am still in the run or shut down?
  13. coondogg

    coondogg Freight Herder

    Hard to tell. I heard we need 2 city drivers. I'll try to see if they've done any interviews.

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