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    Not sure if want to stay at ODFL for the long term and seeking info on other ltl companies. Here are some of what info is important to me. As for Old Dominion, the city P&D drivers top rate at the moment is $21.60/Hr. Overtime begins after 60 hours/week. 401K is matched 30% guaranteed but is usually closer to 50% depending on the year. Free basic individual health insurance. And of the companies that do have O.T. at 40 or 45 hours, do they keep you from ever working over 40? If so I'd make more at O.D. with a typical 50 hour work week (in normal economic conditions) than with lets say UPS Freight if they rarely allow any O.T. I also like the fact that at O.D. they let you run some linehaul for extra cash on weekends if you want to and they have the freight. Any of this info on Abf, UPS, Fed-ex, Averitt, Saia, R & L Carriers, Southeastern or any other major co. I may have left out or any other info you feel is important to making a long term decision would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the book. Thanks.

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