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    At conway freight if you are out of hours you are out of hours. If you are running a run and you run out of hours you will be directed to a safe point and will get picked up in most cases. Very few cases will a freight driver take a 34 hour restart on the road but there have been very few cases when this happened. It had to be done because of circumstances beyond freights control.

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    Thanks for the information Wonderring99.
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    Con-way Truckload

    Thanks to all who have replied.

    Yes, I am interested in Con-way Truckload.

    The question that started this thread was someone inquiring about the amount of freight at Con-way Trucking; hence, it was titled "Con-way Freight".

    For the past several years I have been an OTR expediter with a Class C license and Hazmat Endorsement. I have made the adjustment to life on the road. Obviously, I need to upgrade to Class A license.

    Con-way has a good relationship with Central Tech in Oklahoma. I have researched the school and they have an excellent rating. Moreover, I have done some checking about Con-way Truckload.

    Currently, the recruiter is completing the background checks. I have a clean driving record and no criminal history.

    Hopefully, they will get the checks done quickly. The recruiter said that it takes approximately 24-48 hours to complete the checks.

    At this time the first opening at Central Tech would be in March with a completion date on April 3rd. I have seen a few posts on other forums about new grads that have come to Con-way and after riding with the trainer they are waiting 2-3 weeks for a truck. That does concern me because after spending the time going through Central Tech and then additional time riding with a trainer, it might be June before I can begin to receive mileage pay in an assigned truck.

    If anyone has information about Central Tech I would appreciate your thoughts on this training program.

    COWBOYUP New Member

    I've heard nothing but good about Central Tech. Another good school is Crowder College in Neosho, MO. They are only about 20 miles from Con-way's facility in Joplin, MO. where you would attend Orientation. But Central Tech may be closer to home for you.

    Best of Luck to You !!
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    Re: Cowboyup

    :thumbsup: Thanks for the info!

    :thumbsup: Looks like it will be Central Tech as Con-way called this morning, said everything looks good and they were sending me a packet in the mail.

    :thumbsup: I figure Cenral Tech will give me a decent amount of time behind the wheel as they have 50 trucks on ground.

    As the school is in Oklahoma will I need boots and a big belt buckle? :woohoo1:

    COWBOYUP New Member

    LOL !! When in Rome, do as Romans do !!!
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    Why do I have that animal house visual ..... TOGA TOGA TOGA
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    Romans? Forget it he's rollin, it aint over now cause when the goin gets tough................................the tough get goin, whose with me? Thanks for the Animal House reference Wondering.
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    Are We There Yet?

    Hopefully, I will be rollin' soon.

    I have not receive a confirmation yet.

    Apparently they schedule you tenatively while they complete the background checks.

    It was my understanding that only took 48 hours and I gave written authorization on Tuesday to facilitate that process.

    The person conducting the background checks was off today, but should be back tomorrow. There has been a lot of illness going around lately and I hope they didn't catch the gunky upper respiratory infection that seems to be making the rounds.

    Well, maybe I can find something else around the house that needs repaired while I am waiting.

    I did fix the mailbox today. :clap:

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    Why is a Conway freight thread here on the Conway "TRUCK-LOAD" board ?
  11. vitocorleone99

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    It appears that only the wording is ambiguous. The thread was intended as a question about the nature of the "freight" that is hauled by "Con-way" (Truckload). I wasn't clear on this myself for a little bit there, but it seems to be a logical explanation.
  12. rev

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    no one,

    See post #23.

    I believe you will the answer to your question.

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    I guess it pays to read more posts than just the last 2 on a thread .
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    How are things going at CWTL now? I'm tentatively scheduled for orientation on Mar. 9th. Was wondering how long the wait is for a truck, and are you guys still getting any miles? Thanks.
  15. Ms R

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    By now you will be seeing there is a long wait for a truck and you would make more money flipping burgers. Better run while you still can and your DAC is clean :flame:
  16. vitocorleone99

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    The miles are starting to get back to normal, but new people seem to be waiting quite a while for empty trucks. Sounds like nobody is quitting these days.
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    I just found out for sure that I can attend orientation this coming Monday. That makes three pre-hires, CWTL, Koch, FirstFleet (rehire), and tomorrow I'll phone interview with Schneider Bulk (tanker). I'm having a tough time figuring out what to do. At this point, signing up with the wrong outfit may be worse than not finding anything at all. Given the hiring climate we're in, I don't see it getting any easier to find a job. If I sign on to an outfit and it isn't a good fit, I may be stuck there for the duration. I really want to get into tankers, which is why I'm talking to SNI, but I dunno', I really think CWTL offers the best security to weather the coming storm. Plus I like their trucks better. :shades: Suggestions anyone?
  18. I suggest if you work for conway or want to work for conway, at some you will be pulling doubles into the freight system was told this friday..get your dbls trpls. endorsement boys,its in the works,you'll enjoy it . trips are fun on the ice!
    but you'll need 5 yrs practice with 2 trailers before YOU get to hook the third one on!
    hope this helps with your job choice...
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    A shiney truck does not pay the bills ....look at the benefits average miles per week and home time....then pick the one that suites you best

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