Cops arrest driver

Discussion in 'New Penn' started by UnionTrucka, Jul 12, 2006.

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    have to ask, ok. why would company suspect this guy in the first place?were they trying to get him because , lets say, a bunch of other reasons? so they tryed to pin this on him. if so, they probably just made matters would think, there was some kind of eveidance that had them call in ny's finest, nypd , doesnt just go out of there way to make an say suits were worth 50,000.? high dollar account, doesn't make us look good to customer when suits don't make it to where-ever.our claims all over the system have gone to :shit:, we used to have the best ratio, claims wise of any company, anywhere. all these claims come off the bottom line, or profits. maybe, someone got over zealous, in trying to stop this kind of loss in profits. especially, since maspeth, has finally started to show positive o/r in the last, say 5-6 the end, justice system worked, no evidence, and he was turned loose, and back to work.

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