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Discussion in 'Oak Harbor' started by Who Cares, Jul 23, 2006.

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    Well for starters Jack, our Director of Maintenance, buys dollies with spring brakes and no way to release them. :biglaugh: How many hours did it take for the shop to re-plumb them and replace the cans? Then some of the said dollies are in the go pile with no license plate nor registration in the holder.

    Some of the new tandem tractors are only registered in Oregon for 102,000 pounds instead of 105,500. No big deal till you do get up to weight-and get caught. Funny how they managed to leave the 105,500 on the door. I was told that was "taken care of." I'll take that to the bank.

    Of course then there is the slight problem of these same trucks not being able to get to 105 feet in length for Oregon triples when you have one of the old CF trailers in the lead. [Landing gear too far forward.] Guess the brain surgeons forgot about that from all of the hassles over the years. So Jack orders the frames cut back-but only on some. Now they are, as dispatch has said, "only an inch and a half" over. Guess what? There ain't a length tolerance. And at the alleged inch and a half you couldn't turn let alone get out of the driveway. One of the other cures was that "the dock knows not to load them [CF trailers] as a leader." Hello, ever been on the dock?

    Couldn't afford to put a suspension dump valve on these trucks either. :duh: What is that cost? $50? A clutch job won't be much more than that. :rolleyes: I bet I slide the fifth wheel six times or more a night to get legal, to put away a CF box, re-hook and so on. I really hope the clutch holds up and my stash of dish soap that I use for the slider doesn't get cut from the budget. If they think I am going to crank a loaded trailer up to get the weight off the slider...

    I could mention that we save so much fuel with out powerless wonders of the highway [if they were cut back any more they wouldn't start ] that we have to have a spare tank on board to collect all of the fuel we generate as we go along. But that is top secret and the men in black won't let me disclose it.

    I understand that JC resigned. That alone will save this company thousands of dollars a year if not a month just in screw ups not counting his wages.

    Thanks world, I am off my soapbox now.
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    I want to apply for Jack's job when he retires, because apparently you need zero experience or even any common sense to be Director of Maintainence around this place...:wacko:

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