Crash Through the Median

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    Meanwhile, Highway 401 was closed in both directions near Guelph Line after a tractor trailer crashed in Milton Friday morning.

    The truck was carrying about 30 tonnes of sand when it lost control and crashed through the guardrail, dumping its load across the highway at about 8 a.m.

    A CP24 viewer captured the crash on their dashboard camera.

    No serious injuries were reported in the crash, although several other vehicles were involved.

    It doesn't appear there were any mechanical problems with the truck and the OPP says the driver is blaming the accident on poor driving conditions.

    Brampton resident Bahadar Bassi, 48, is facing one charge of careless driving.

    I'm not sure why that video tells you to watch it on You Tube but here's another link

    watch here -

    A better View But the Graphic is wrong, it was near Milton,not Barrie, Ont.


    Seperate Accident North of Toronto


    watch here-

    Friday January 21, 2011 A News at 6 Webcast
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    Wow canadian incredible video coverage from that dash camera.
    I see later on in the second video the driver with the dash cam took out a few vehicles himself.
    Though it was very close to him getting wasted with that out of control semi nearly hitting him head-on.

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