Crashes and big brother in the trucks

Discussion in 'Saia' started by suicidejockey, Aug 8, 2014.

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    Nothing to worry about
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    One detail that Saia has chosen not to capture as part of the investigation is video footage of the driver. Some fleets use video-based risk management systems that capture in-cab video to detect incidents where distracted driving might have played a factor.

    “From a privacy and professionalism standpoint, we have decided to not do that,” O’Dell says. “People are sensitive to that.”

    From common carrier journal in 2012

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    Yes they are! Very sensitive.
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    Like I've said before I don't mind the forward facing cameras. If a car cut me off it would help me out. I also don't mind the other stuff in the truck. I don't notice it in the truck. Once in a while I'll drift towards the shoulder and set It off but that's about it. The one I don't like is the front senser. Especially in traffic today coming back I was in alot of traffic and cars kept moving in front of me and kept setting off the following distance buzzer. I kept backing off to give room but as soon as I did someone else just moves over. Felt like I wasn't going anywhere. Oh well. Soon everyone will have em. Estes has them on there new trucks.
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    Wouldn't it be terrible if the sensor automatically backed you off? Not so far fetched is it? Hahaha

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