CT thru the scales in Maine

Discussion in 'Central Transport' started by xeastend, Jun 4, 2014.

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    Let me start off with I do not work for CT or am an ex Vitran. I was behind a CT truck tuesday eve June 3 rolling into the scales at Jay,Maine on I95. Felt bad for the driver. He was picked right out and taken around back. Seemed to be targeted. Anyway, I saw 3 violations just following.

    Missing left mudflap
    Dangling air tank. Seemed to be on by one bracket and the lines.
    Placards. The rear door was flying one. But not the 3 other sides.
    And I dont think the driver was belted when he passed me

    After reading this forum, seemed a bit overblown. To an outsider.But I guess not.
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    It's ironic that you say this, I am in PA and this morning on my way to the gym ( I'm retired I have lots of time) I saw a truck riding the centerline and occasionally crossing it, when I got closer I waited to see if he would get out of the left lane stayed behind him for about a mile and finally passed him on the right. didn't notice anything in particular other than the truck was a big deathtrap, looked like something a container hauler would sell, way past used up. yep had Vitran on the doors. I watched in my mirror for about another mile, sure wouldn't want my family around the truck or driver. True bottom feeder company
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    That's because ct's safety score is so bad that when they go through a scale they get pulled in.

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