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Discussion in 'Frito-Lay' started by 2wheeldriver, Mar 15, 2015.

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    How many days a week do you guys typically work. 5 or 6 and the hours. I understand it is bidding just looking for ballpark numbers.
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    Since no one currently working for Frito has chimed in yet I will give you my 2cents. It's been many years since I drove for Frito but I regularly speak with current drivers. Most plants are now a 24/7 operation which means you would be subject to work 24/7. They typically work 5 days a week but occasionally force out drivers with hours available to cover shortages. They are in a major hiring spree due to the way they distribute their product to stores using more tractor trailers and less route trucks via local warehouses. If you get in early at a plant that is hiring a bunch of drivers, you could being in good shape quickly. If you are at the bottom of the board for a long time, it wouldnt be as good. In my opinion Frito Lay is still a great place to drive a tractor trailer when you compare the pay, benefits and quality of life with other trucking jobs. It's not a perfect job, but there is no such thing. Frito Lay is still the kind of job that most people will retire from, as once you pay your dues it's generally a good place to work.
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    Sorry it's taken a bit to reply. I work 5 days a week. Off Saturday and Tuesday. We have some four days runs. And if you're extra board you work 70 and 34 off. In a perfect world
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    I work 5 days a week on my GES bid. Sun-Thurs off friday and saturday. Home every night and do 50-55 hours per week. There are guys that work 70 hours and 6 days a week laying over every other day. All depends on what you want to do really. At our plant you have the option of being an OTR driver, a GES driver, or running extra board which means you will do a mix of both. There is good $$$ to be made in all of it.

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