DHL or UPS buying YRC freight ?

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by Eric Zeemen, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Yeah Elwood! Unlike what Dollar Bill did 12 to 14 years ago!

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    Hey scrap metal pricing is pretty strong. von.
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    The art work is good. But, success? Take one look @ the stock price & I have to ask. What Success? von.
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  4. Please quit putting this up. It is a fairytale people continue to put up. The only value in this company is yourself. (The employees the drivers!) That is the only asset yrc has. So if Yrc is not around then the drivers. The cdl employees are picket up at yards ale prices. Please do not post this post or any other post.
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  5. My sanity is gone. It.s not the job. As much as the management. They are always (at least here.) Trying ways to screw us. Take our runs. They gave every decent run away that paid well. And basically do not stick up for there men or their runs. We don.t have a job these managers don.t either. We have a terminal manager that lies to your face almost everyday. And the labor man that is the same way. A liar. If he is talking someone just got screwed by another one of his lies. And all you YES sheep. I ponder everyday wet her I am coming in to this place. And mostly it.s because the sheep rolling over on work rules. Ratting out your brothers. And other brothers at terminals high lining their logs when on the clock waiting on there loads. The guys that lie cheat and steal prosper at yrc. Atleast the back stabbers and the log liars terminal keep good runs for them.
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    I don't know much about line haul I am a city driver.If you are referring to me as a yes sheep screw you.You sound miserable I hope your life and your job get better.
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    I was wondering if, "the guys that lie, cheat, and steal,"he referred to, are the no voters?
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    You "Iffy Boys"

    "If this happens or if that happens" Give it a rest . . . SMH
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    Truckingboards is good therapy.
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    How did you escape Snarkville???
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    [​IMG] BIG News just out , per FOX news the RUSSIANS were involved in the original YRCW -Roadway -Holland buyout !!!!! and Russia is involved in the new DHL-UPS -ABF - Amazon Buy out offer's too !!!
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    I think you've been right on the money with everything you've said....I hear anger over the pension situation and rightfully so, however even if yrc was putting in 100% not only would it fold it still wouldn't make a differenve because multi employer funds don't work when there is only ONE employer left, yrc! I agree it's not yrc fault the pensions across the board are in jeopardy, it's the unions for lot speaking up 20 plus years ago when the trend of unionized companies began to fold thus putting more and more orphans into pensions that were doomed to fail even back then....I feel more money or the 15% is something to take up with the company and hopefully get some back, although I won't hold my breath.....I too am no brown nose i love being a teamster and that's why I don't want to see this gig crumble because let me tell ya we have it made compared to most ltl jobs out there, this is a country club compared to many and as stated earlier in this post, even with the concessions the majority of employees here make more than nonunion competitors, fedex or Estes hourly wage being 6-8 dollars more on paper doesn't mean they make more than us or are better places to work, it's a scam they pay lots for shittier insurance and many don't get OT pay....we are all making relatively the same it's a big scam, at least here we still have good healthcare and hey would I like a raise? Hell yes, but as it stands now I'm making to work with what I get now, and I don't have any crazy thoughts of the grass is greener elsewhere because it's none sense.....hopefully we all make the right choice based on the facts this coming contract and hopefully all recognize not just that bad but the good in this place as well before making a very important decision, this job feeds my family, pays for my house and my children, and it's the last of the mohicans when it comes to job classifications and seniority protection as a linehaul driver I like not having to work the dock or strip my own pups, I like getting paid for breakdowns, etc....we all must think of these things because the industry out there isn't greener at all unfortunately
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