Did'nt we at O/upgf vote out the union...

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Thousand Dollar man, May 13, 2006.

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    And a bad a$$ user name to enforse it!!!!! I can say I share in that expeirence, FNG dock guys think they are all that and a bag of chips. I tell em get in line you will matter someday!!!! But hey without them I would have to work to damn hard!!!!
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    And yes I'm lazy and I'm not union ......YET!!!!!
  3. Union?

    Let me clear up some misinformation about OVNT's previous efforts to unionize. OVNT was well on it's way to becoming union. It hit a snag when L** S**** refused to recognize the union and refused to sit down at the table and negotiate. That is why the Teamsters called a strike. After 3 years, L** still had not relented, so the union and the drivers gave up and returned to work. As I've said on several of my posts before, that is the past and it is irrelevant. UPS is not opposed to the union and they will not stand in the way if the workers decide they want union representation. For the record, I don't beleive you are stupid, just wrong in this case.:lol: UPGF will end up with a union contract.
  4. Strike

    ...Then who is the loser here? It is the teamsters. Because the strike is what gives the union the power and you know that.

    If the company believes they will not push the button {STRIKE} then they can hold out without fear. Or will get a smaller increase in wages. All the teamsters power over a company is the strike threat.[/QUOTE]

    The threat of a strike is not what gives the union it's power. A union contract is a LEGALLY binding document. That means the union can use the authority of the U.S. judicial system to enforce the terms of the contract. That is where the union derives it's power, not a strike.
  5. Pension in jeopardy?

    For those of you that are worried about your pension being in jeopardy, let me clear some of this up for you. If you have at least 5 years in your current(OVNT/UPS) pension, you are vested. What this means is that your pension is locked in. So, even if your company goes union, when you retire you will still collect your pension money from that fund based on the number of years accrued under that plan. If you work long enough to become vested in a union or another companies' pension plan, then when you retire you will receive a pension from that plan also. If you are vested, they CANNOT take your pension money away from you. That is regulated by federal laws.
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    If Hoffa said this way back when, it was probably more of a rally cry than anything else....you know, a macho thing. So some of you guys can't forget it no matter what? Have none of you ever said things you really shouldn't have said? I'm sure you all have.
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    True.... But it can be rolled into another plan if you take that option. I hear something out there about an offering of 1 1/2 yrs of service rolled into teamster plan, not sure of that, but who knows. Some locals have multiple plans, and can be taking in different ways. Mine is such. Fortunately for me, I'll have aboput 200k plus in one and a definded amount in another, currently 3500. Just cause I'm young and will probably hit the age requirments.
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    Another thing saving us at LAX is that orange and commerce according to an ex-ovnt current upsf driver, has no line drivers just p&d and shuttle. If this is the case only p&d would be affected.
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    Yes, I said I would never get married again! OOPS!!!!
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    Author of the vision.
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    Being married is great with the right one...

    with the wrong one its life in prison without parole.

    Its always better to pray and ask God to send you the right one.

    Than to try one,or more out before you say the I Do's.

    Most co-habitators I've seen that make it legal don't last after the commitment.

    Also women never feel security co-habitating, because they know their bunk mate could walk out of the relationship any time he feels he's had enough.

    May just be my opinion .
    I know God sent me the right one.

    The family that prays together stays together.
    Once you voted the union out, it isn't for life.
    You must understand that a company can have a union vote every 12 months.
    It only takes 30% of the employees signing cards to request a vote.
    Someone once said If at first you don't succeed. try and try again!!!!!!!

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