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Discussion in 'New Penn' started by Irishman107, Aug 14, 2009.

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    Beginning to think our Union officials all go to same school:
    This was FORD negotiations; sound familiar....

    "There was enormous pressure placed on the workers, with many of the union officials saying it would be in our best interest to pass it.

    "I've been telling everyone we no longer have union representation, when management can line the UAW's pockets a lot better than we can. It is a shame that it has to be that way. I'm paying for somebody to protect our rights and they are bedding with the company.

    "At the Rouge plant people died for what we are being asked to give up. I wasn't there in the 1930s but it is turns my stomach that the union is turning its back on what people fought for and saying we have to help management"
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    Sad, but true......good luck brothers!

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