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Discussion in 'Dayton' started by Birdman07, May 18, 2014.

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    So, it probably varies from service center to service center but the fact that they give me ample miles, do things mostly after the first I ask and dont bother me constantly, I quite enjoy how they treat me. My last job had much more dock work and I had to fight to even drive towards the end. Dayton uses a bit more purchased transportation than I like but it doesnt seem to effect the linehaul drivers a whole lot.
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    Yep. I feel like a VIP at a fancy hotel every time I check in at a terminal or call linehaul. I'm obviously exaggerating, but there's tons of mutual respect between management, drivers, and dockworkers, generally speaking. That's not to say there's never any tension between individuals or a terminal with its issues here and there, but for the most part Dayton has a very positive environment and culture. Add that to the pay package and I think we have one of the best deals out there.

    I have several coworkers who have worked at other LTLs, and they universally say it's the best job they've had. I can't personally compare it with other LTL companies, but it's way better than any of the trucking jobs I've had.
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    Greg Farmer in Grand rapids Michigan
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