Does Central Transport still run pups?

Discussion in 'Central Transport' started by icuicp, Jan 11, 2017.

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    In my neck of the woods CTs pups never leave the yard. And I never see any sets on linehaul around my way. Did CT abandon pups? Do they run them somewhere else and not in the midwest? Have they switched from being a pup LTL to a van LTL? Are all the pups too old to pass inspection?

    Just curious.
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    I haven't seen any on the road in a coons age east of the Mississippi. They do run a turnpike double set between Orlando and Miami I've seen recently.
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    I saw a bunch of relatively new Vitran pups all sitting in a dirt patch near Albemarle, North Carolina. Don't know what they were doing there, but if CT still ran pups I can't see that they'd sell off these ones and keep the old sunbleached yellow ones.
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