Does the union know the COO is to get around mou and contract.

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by callboard lifer, Aug 13, 2017.

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    There is nothing going on there and there is always something over here. Just when I was thinking about signing a card and you guys will not let me play union bashing. Very selfish.
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    I thought utility work as described in the NMFA was for new business. We were told that UE employees will be taking any type of freight into the break and could be used to do any type of dock work at the break with the exception of working the city peddles. Sounds like they have decided to write their own language into the contract and use UE employees to supplement the work force at the breakbulks.
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    Ya. Thats all they want to do is alter our contract. Period. Any way they can. And they are doing it. Little by little. We are losing it.
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    red circle should of never been a thing . seniority is all you have period . thought the utility thing was a loser program the discarded after being able to lay off 1000s and then finding out it didnt work and because they had half the drivers working the dock and no one left to move freight down the highways
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    It Wil
    We're having a family squabble and last I heard your most certainly not related.When you join or if we let you in, you can contribute.
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    That's how UE always used to work. I ran many 8pm utility runs from Indy to Cincinnati back to Indy from 2005 or so til 2008. Basically, it was a Cincinnati midnight til 5am dock job plus 110 miles each way driving.
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