Don Rickles

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    I loved the guy too, " that your wife....what happened a car wreck?", it's fun to see him in alot of the older movies and TV shows, and he was really good in a serious role as the pit boss in Casino .
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    Dec. 31, 1968 we were 3 GIs back from Vietnam. We were spending 3 days in Las Vegas with very little money and no dress cloths other than our uniforms. At that time servicemen weren't very popular and we were cautioned on wearing our uniforms in public. We stayed in a cheap off strip motel. We stood in a long line to see the Don Rickles New Years Eve show in the Sahara Hotel. They pulled us out of line us thinking the worst. To our surprise they put us at a first row table along side the stage compliments of Don Rickles.

    When he came out he threw a few of his usual insults at the crowd. Then he turned to us and said 3 GIs God bless you stand up, take a bow, and give these guys a drink on me. A while later in the show he asked how we were doing. He said give these guys another drink on me. No he said their tab is mine for the night. He later sent over complimentary tickets to a champagne breakfast in the VIP room.

    To me I'll always remember Don Rickles as a decent human being in spite of his being the king of insults comedian
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    That is just way too cool....and thanks for your service.:usa:
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