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Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by Infidel, Aug 13, 2017.

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    When a driver is being considered for hire, does ABF contact past employers to check driving record or do they check with the DMV or both?
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    And then some!.
    Don't hide anything they WILL find any thing that there is to find.
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    ABF checks every employer. I worked for 3 months and they came to me asking about Watkins Motor Lines. I had to call FedEx freight and hunt down a employee because Watkins got bought out. Big pain in the rear. Was worth it though. Best job I've ever had. I still complain thought! Lol
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    I believe they still do a credit report check on you, too. No,....it isn't against the law, or an invasion of privacy........corporate America took care of all those....."concerns"....years ago. Credit cards and banks handle and sell so much of your private financial information that it's only logical that employers would get in on the information mine if they could. Don't forget Wal-Mart getting caught years ago taking out life insurance policies on unsuspecting employees,...naming Wal-Mart as the beneficiary in the event of the employee's death...........Standard corporate policy,....and of course they won't let you know....

    The NMFA specifically prohibits employers covered under our contract from doing the life insurance scam.......but you bet your booties that pretty much every other corporation out there does it as a routine matter of business.....

    Anyway,...........Yes,....they'll look at anything and everything that you've got that is permissable "public" information.....Even old social media posts........They'd go through your underwear drawer, too, if they thought they could sneak in without getting caught.....

    Is it worth it? As Bro. SAC75 said,.....Yes! You've gone through an extensive search and you know you're as pure as the driven snow......And the job ain't bad, either..............Much, much better than most out there........

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