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    Horror stories????
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    I don't have any, I like them, I don't do much paperwork at all, you guys run legal, I do too, if it were back in the day I would be throwing a fit, this is a different day though.
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    We switched to Peoplenet recently. I guess I wasn't as far gone as I thought, I actually like it. I keep my ruler handy.

    I pass the DOT term. in Ardmore Oklahoma all the time.
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    Long as log book only, maybe some messages, pretty reliable. Lock ups, crash, failures are created when companies try to do too much with system. Also have to hope retro installed units are done correct, if not, some units, not sysyem, will be headache to operator/driver. An Organic foods provider has had them 9 years now. At time installed, Feds about to shut down. Run a lot of sleeper 2/3 day schedules, drivers actually liked them due to being paid by the hour. Run regions that have 5 months bad weather. Company before pushed to keep schedules, now has to communicate with customers. Does require an extra night of sleeper time due to bad weather. Hour out, it's your days off, no one to relieve you, too bad.

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