Eagles fan wanted 8 players for pall bearers

Discussion in 'Sports/Hobbies' started by kantgetryte, Aug 24, 2017.

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    I've been a Cowboys fan in eagles territory since kindergarten.....and the rudeness of Eagles fans never ceases to amaze me......haven't been a big football fan most of my adult life...but I tend to like to see the Philly teams win in my older age.....They cheer for them when they are up....and kick them the second they are down...Tough town to please the fans in.....They push as hard as fans possibly can.....you need to win every second with every play or they throw stuff and boo ya.

    The obituary won't hurt the eagles feelings...they hear worse things all the time......the fans push them to be the best they can be...and when they are best...they love them..............and the players actually love and respect the attitude if they spend years on the Eagles.
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