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    Funniest part is they are talking about how Wal-Mart treats their employees. Pot meet Kettle.
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    How many times do I have to say this. He has friends here and he w as s with the compa ny 18 years. He is welcome here and your wearing out yours.

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    Thats fine Shadow. I like reading his comments. While I am sitting here at a R+L Vacation spot I wonder what Wal-Mart has to offer for free Resort to stay in?
  4. Maybe R&L will hire me back so I can take advantage of those wonderful vacation resorts ...

    I think I made a mistake..Willl someone ask Roby, or Mr. Copsey, or the wonderful inspiring Mr. Zimmerman if I can PLEASE come back...

    I didn't think this thing thru...GOSH WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!!
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    I really do not know firsthand how Wal-Mart is to drive for, but what I do know is I have talked to several drivers when I am out and about (truck stops, making deliveries, etc....) and I have yet to find one that hates their job. I gotta say, from what I have been told I do not think they are a bad company to drive for. I do not what to turn this into a Wal-Mart thread but I think you are unnecessarily bashing him for possibly bettering himself. He work at R+L for a very long time, he has every right to post his thoughts hear just as you do. But I have to ask, what is your problem with him moving on because he was not happy with R+L? Isn’t that what you wanted? That is what you always told him “quit if you do not like it”, well he did and you still can’t shut your mouth. I really wish I knew what terminal you “drive” for, because it has gotta be the best and I would love to transfer there so I can have it just as good as you

    I meant to quote SMARTWAY, but I did not do it right and cannot figure out how to delete and then repost.
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    Every Year at this time it gets slow and the Management people have to prove there is a need for them and their position with the company......This numbers thing happens every year at this very same time....It lasts for a month or so and then is forgotten til next year when they get worried about losing their jobs.again and need to prove their value again..... At our terminal, some mastermind came up with the idea of starting people later because our inbound supervisors are as smart as a bag of rocks, and can't get any load out on time. At first this really sucked, but now I am getting more hours in then I ever had. Went from 8 hour days to 9 and 10 hour days. Can't make the numbers the company wants,when supervisors can't make cut off times for runs. Always made my numbers working 8 hour days, Inbound supervisors have all drivers at our terminal going out with the "Who Cares " attitude they have had for years. If we have a return, which is almost always a given, we'll just try again tommorrow. lol ......

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    I really don't have a problem with anybody including RH trying to better themselves and leaving R+L and going to another company. I do have a problem when someone who does'nt work for R+L anymore and the only reason they come on this forum is to run it down. It really does'nt serve any purpose. If he wants to keep in touch with his old buddies there are other ways to communicate. Sorry for saying things about Wal-Mart. I really hiope he is successful there. Good Luck. We just need to consentrate on what we can do better to make R+L successful so we can be successful..
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    This thread is getting old. an good luck R H be happy with your new job.
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  9. Thanks Pop...Good luck to you sir!!!
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    wow u hada stretch for that whopper

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