Ed Reed suspended one game for repeated violations of NFL’s ‘defenseless player’ poli

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    The National Football League announced on Monday that Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed has been suspended for one game without pay for repeated violations of player safety rules that prohibit hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players.

    In the third quarter of the Ravens' 13-10 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, Reed was flagged for an unnecessary roughness penalty following a hit on wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. The penalty was considered to be Reed's third violation in the past three seasons, resulting in Monday's suspension announcement.The first of Reed's three violations occurred on Dec. 19, 2010, when Reed was penalized for roughing the passer and fined $10,000 for a hit to the head and neck area of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Reed's second violation came on Sept. 23, 2012 after Reed was flagged for unnecessary roughness and fined $21,000 for striking a defenseless play, New England Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch.

    "We cannot tolerate repeated violations of rules, especially rules related to player safety," said NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson. "We will continue to take the strongest possible action to deter these types of violations and protect our players.".............

    Ed Reed suspended one game for repeated violations of NFL

    Yep let's break out the pink flags !!!
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    "My Bad"....Only a $50K fine....Let's move on, you guys know the NFL is all about money..
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    With the "head injury" lawsuits that are being filed, the league don't have a choice. To cover their butts in these lawsuits they had to put in legal safeguards. Football is a violent game, and you need to accept the consequences if you take the risk. These lawsuits caused the new rules to be made up. What choice did the league have. I don't like the new rules, but they were unavoidable.

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