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    Time consuming as well!
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    When you get done sorting it make sure you use the right one!
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    Tri, I haven't posted on here for quite some time. I got too weary of the stupidity I was reading. I agree with you: what on Earth are these people talking about? I've been on direct deposit for nearly 36 years. I don't have to go to the bank, the money is in my account on payday first thing in the morning. This new change to Oracle, whereby you have to print out your stub if you want one, is a bit perplexing for some. But the reality is, it does a better job of protecting your data. No more pay stubs in a folder on the counter, where anybody can pick up yours by "mistake". You can print it out at the terminal if you want to; every terminal has a computer and printer set up specifically for this purpose. Better yet, you can access it from home on the Internet, where you can print it out or simply save it in PDF format on your computer. The URL and instructions are available at every terminal. This is actually a good thing so far as I can tell.
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