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    I know this is a loaded question but how is it working for Heartland Express? I'm thinking of talking to a recruiter about doing the Kingsport Regional driving...anyone have any insight on this?
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    Home Depot

    3 1/2 to 4 years ago, Home Depot went to a DC concept. I was Driving for Professional Transport Group, Masonite Door.

    Vendors would no longer Deliver to individual stores. Didn't work for Masonite, the HD DC was tearing up doors bad.

    Heartland Express got the RFD Contract, but couldn't find Backhauls.

    They had bought a factory full of new Trucks, Trailers, and PROMISED O/Os Gold Mines. See above, and that didn't work. They had 'bumped' Cardinal.

    I last heard, but this was years ago, they tried 'Leasing' their own Fleet (Home Depot), and useing labor pool fools. The Labor Contractors should be politicians, because they couldn't produce the Drivers. Heard the Deal put one DLC 'Out of Business', Don't know who.

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