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    I am wondering about a few things with this company. I'm interested in full time linehaul position, in Columbus, OH.

    What is the starting wage and current top scale wage and how long to get there. And are u still on wage giveback or back to top scale?

    What are the benefits like and any employee weekly contributions per week, single or for a family?

    Paid time off for the first year and on?

    And the union pension?

    I know line-haul drivers don't have to work the dock. Is there anything they don't get paid for while on the clock.

    And would u advice working for this company instead of a non-union company pulling van trailers.
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    upsf is hireing go to upsfreight/jobs.com in columbus oh
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    i worked line haul out of 02, so i cannot tell you of Ohio.

    I think that if i remember correctly, it took me about 3 years under THAT contract at THAT time to reach top pay, and back then there wan't any "giveback"...but, Mr, Shevell's daughter (Nancy who is now married to former Beatle, Paul McCarthy), made sure she threw a hissy-fit when the office workers at MY terminal threw away usable papers, and thought NOTHING of buying her dad an antique fire truck for his birthday..!~!!!

    one time the benefits were good, then in mid-year they change. the benefits must have changed 4 times in my 6 years of being there. my contribution "back then" was about $40 per week, single plan.

    if you "book off" for the night, and want to get paid, you have to be "in the union first. on "probation" you start taking time off, it'll be your last day off.....

    i think it was (for me) a 401 plan

    if you go to a terminal and wish NOT to work the dock, and choose to "just wait", then you do not get paid..now again..."back then" if ever i worked the dock, and that would be at the Albany terminal, i'd get paid what MY terminal paid per hour. now that might have changed where you get paid THAT terminals dock wages...

    it's a job, certainly NOT the best. as a linehaul driver, when we came back from the road, monthly my T/M would have breakfast for the city guys...

    how lucky were we linehaul guys that we got either dried up sausages, hard scrambled eggs or the crust of the danish on the floor.

    typically, linehaul COSTS the company money as we only "transferred freight" from terminal to terminal, where as the city guys MADE the money...

    you will be treated as the scum you are as a linehaul driver...

    this is why i had, had enough. and left for better places...

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