End of line for freight carrier September 04, 2002

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    Truckers for Consolidated Freightways Corp. knew their company was hemorrhaging cash, but still felt shock when they were told not to report to work on Tuesday.
    "I was a little devastated," said Jim Kirby, who has been working out of Consolidated Freightways' Hayward terminal for the last three years. "I'd been told by upper management that they were going to make it work."
    But it didn't work. On Tuesday, Consolidated Freightways, the country's third-largest trucker, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The day before, it fired 15,500 people and ceased operations. The company plans to liquidate its holdings.
    Among those booted into unemployment are 850 Northern California employees who worked at the company's terminals in Brisbane, Hayward, Richmond, San Jose,


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