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Discussion in 'General Food Service Discussion' started by MikeJ, May 22, 2016.

  1. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    So tomorrow I go back to 10-8 status, I hope your all ready for some fun food distribution action.
    Summer is almost here now schools are letting out and other drivers are going on vacation and the routes and boards are all over the place. It's kind of the summer slow down now, so it's going to be a cheap summer for me. However I need to save money anyhow so that's good. So I'm trying to get back to the bare necessities and that's about it.
    Trying to sell off my 2005 Suburban don't need it anymore so that one will be gone one day and I'll get money from that and so on and so fourth.

    Anyhow this vacation was good took some pictures learned somethings. Not bad over all not real eventful, but it went by fast enough, but not to fast it was the break I needed. Looking forward to getting out there again and making it happen come Monday morning.

    Alright at any rate I'll talk to you all tomorrow.
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  2. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    Alright I'm back in business, pretty easy day at the office over all no big deal. Nice to be back, nice to go on vacation, but good to be back as well. Over all everything was fine except for the fact I left 2 keys I needed back at the office oops. Although hey at least there back at the office I couldn't lose them if they were back at the office ha-ha!

    Anyhow I did 548 cases lightest load I've had in a while. Everything worked out good, obviously I'm home now it's nice. I got to come home and have a snack and know that I accomplished something today. Anyhow that's all how about you?
  3. Maz Jr

    Maz Jr New Member

    Hey Mike,

    Seems like a big issue on here lately, does your company have any kind of cameras in the truck?
  4. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    No we do not have camera's in our trucks. I'm not saying it was never looked into, it probably was heck they were probably solicited by the truck camera people, but it's not free and it's not cheap and it could be a they don't want to spend the dough type thing. We have other driver monitoring software though it's not like were off the radar, but no camera's yet.

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