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    Well as quick as it started it was over. Had a good week last week money wise and this week is pretty good too, not a whole lot different then last week both pretty close. Today went lickety split 1-2-3 kind of got held up at my 4th stop this morning customer who's on bad payment terms tried to pay via check which they aren't allowed to do and we had to straighten that out. Other then that though lickety split 1-2-3.

    Got home today and walked over to my bed and did a face plat and then woke up an hour and seventeen minutes later when my phone rang. So far this year on paper and that's not counting this past week I have 56,066 cases delivered so far this year that's not top of the branch, but it's not bottom of the barrel either. It's funny here it was last Sunday night work anxiety about Monday and now here it is late Friday/Early Saturday morning over the week end and the weeks all over. Time can go by real quick.

    Anyhow saving up for my house, which is coming just need to stay the course.
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