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Discussion in 'Estes Express Lines' started by Lazer, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Lazer

    Lazer lied to again

    I have noticed the last few days a Estes trailer, and a sign on the recently vacated Saia terminal in Odessa TX, that Estes in hiring. Welcome to the Permian Basin, Big E!
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  2. NiteVizion

    NiteVizion Active Member

    I heard that from a friend of mine who works for Saia. He told me about it a few weeks back. I didn't believe him though. Guess he was telling the truth.
  3. truckdriver

    truckdriver Active Member

    Is Estes expanding the Houston Yard? Went by the other day, it looked as if they are getting ready to pour concrete.
  4. NiteVizion

    NiteVizion Active Member

    Perhaps the latest 4.9% general rate increase is for all this expansion? God knows we need a lot of it.
  5. drummerforhire

    drummerforhire Well-Known Member

    We're so busy right now. I've never seen so many trailers. I bet there aren't any extraboard drivers crying for miles.
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  6. dpog28

    dpog28 Active Member

    Oh I'm crying! Past 2 yrs I've been working 4 days a week and enjoying life.... Now, I can't even get my 10 hour break with out Dallas hounding me. Hehe
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  7. NiteVizion

    NiteVizion Active Member

    We don't even have enough extra board drivers. They have city guys doing line runs. Dock workers are working 6 days mandatory. Supervisor told me guys are quitting because it's too much work. Where is it all coming from?
  8. M3ATY

    M3ATY ┏(-_-)┓┏(-_-)┛

    It seems like the Amazon shipments are picking back up at my terminal.
  9. NiteVizion

    NiteVizion Active Member

    Here too, but why? I thought we got rid of most of it.
  10. M3ATY

    M3ATY ┏(-_-)┓┏(-_-)┛

    Me too. I certainly didn't miss having to rebuild some of those junk pallets that tip just a few miles down the road.
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  11. ltlfan

    ltlfan Member

    Indy has a posting to transfer to the new Kokomo In terminal. That was the first I heard of that one. I would guess it is smaller just judging by the town size. Does anyone have terminal info? Yard size and doors mainly.
  12. drummerforhire

    drummerforhire Well-Known Member

    All I know is it's supposed to open this month. Exciting times.
  13. Mtn. Dew

    Mtn. Dew New Member

    A possible cause for the increase in Amazon freight may have to do with FedEx and Amazon have parted ways, they couldn't settle on a financial deal.
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  14. SBfreightman

    SBfreightman Member

    30 some doors.
  15. trucknfool

    trucknfool Well-Known Member

    Depends on where you are, It has been slow last couple of weeks for us .
  16. TJTexas

    TJTexas New Member

    Great...just what we needed in the Midwest. Another short hook magnet...just great.
  17. SBfreightman

    SBfreightman Member

    From what I understand it's hard for Indianapolis to get up that way and get the freight back in a timely fashion. Sounds like it makes sense to me.
  18. TJTexas

    TJTexas New Member

    Could be. I don't know. What I do know is that as a Midwest extra board driver, that's just going to create more crappy short runs to 093, 127 and others. No thanks.
  19. cindig

    cindig Member

    I heard that they're having trouble getting staffed and the opening date keeps getting moved back.

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