FedEx deliveryman predicted Jeremy Lin's fame

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    Bend, Oregon (CNN) -- Far from the glamour of Madison Square Garden, aboard a FedEx delivery truck in this small Oregon town, sits the one man who saw Jeremy Lin coming.

    "I've always had a mind for numbers, the statistical side of sports," Ed Weiland explained.

    He spends his days as a driver for FedEx, but once he punches out, he goes to work at his true passion: finding the best college basketball players in the country. He publishes his assessments on the sports blog

    In 2010, he chose Harvard senior Lin as his top point guard prospect, when no one else was paying much attention to the Ivy Leaguer.

    Weiland never even saw Lin play, basing his assessment solely on stats......................

    FedEx deliveryman predicted Jeremy Lin's fame -
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    I will put a copy of this on the FedEx forum because it's pretty cool at least I think so .

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