Fix the AC plz

Discussion in 'Dohrn Transfer' started by super64, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. super64

    super64 New Member

    Nothing like working your azz off for the old man while he sits in the AC and counts his money
  2. truckermatt

    truckermatt Member

    I was talking to a dohrn driver once, he had a late 90's freightliner and no A/C,

    It was about 90 outside and he said they done fix little things like that.

    I am glad where i am they will put a truck out of service if the a/c breaks.
  3. Lazer

    Lazer lied to again

    that's ok if there is another tractor to use, my employer is so short on equipment that it could be a two hour wait or more past your cut-time to get a unit with A/C.
  4. SickWithIt

    SickWithIt Member

    If one is considering working for them, really needs a job.
    You guys are right, this company does not care about the
    employee.Old junk equipment and facilities.Just a want to
    be big time LTL carrier,that doesn't want to spend an ouch
    of prevention for a pound of cure (money).Used them as a
    step stone and moved on.A real bottom feeder.SWI

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