Food Stamp Fraud.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Northern Flash, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Exactly. Obama's failure made that line really sink in to those people. They had nothing to lose.
  2. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    Do they?....... Shouldn't it be one vote one person?......Where a person lives should be irrelevant...... I do not understand why some are unable to understand such a simple concept...... A voter in Louisville Kentucky should have just as much individual influence as a voter in Albany New York..... A popular vote would end the issue your complaining about...

    Considering that States with large Electoral votes have more power and influence than states with low Electoral votes.... Look at which States get all the money and attention from the politicians and media.... Its the Electoral college that makes votes "worth more" in some states than others...... A popular vote would serve to make everyone's vote equal in influence.....

    Not all votes matter with the Electoral college...... In this now past Presidential "election" nearly 3 million votes did not matter...... To your point of "94% of the landmass of this nation" would be disenfranchised by a popular vote simply is not true..... Land mass has nothing to do with people and their votes..... Land mass does not's just land.... It's the people....the population...that vote....where on the land mass they live should not matter... A Trump supporter in Kentucky should have the same voter influence as a Trump supporter in California.... In a popular vote, they would...... Once again, it's the Electoral college that gives one states voters more importance..... The so called "battle ground states".... So no.....not all votes count under the Electoral college system... Only all votes count with a popular vote....

    Actually it would still be important....just not talked about........ I've always contended that the electoral college should be eliminated.... Trumps win has nothing to do with my opinion on the electoral college..... And don't mis-construe that as I'm saying he didnt win legitimately under the current rules..... He did.... I'm only expressing my opinion that a popular vote gives each voter the same "value" without regard for where they live... Isn't that what makes all votes matter?

    Let's be honest..... Trump thought he was going to lose....and made it clear he wouldn't accept that result.... If he had won the popular vote but lost the Electoral college votes..... You and the rest of Trump supporters would be all about ditching the Electoral college...We both know don't even waste your time denying that... Trump himself said, as recent as 2012 when it looked like Romney might win the popular vote but lose the election, that the electoral college was a "disaster for America"....

    It should be important no matter who wins....and that should be determined by "we the people".....not by an electoral college....

    Regardless on your views about gay marriage.... "The people" shouldn't have the power to vote on another persons rights.... That issue is a religious matter....not a Government issue.... The Government should not be involved in discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation..... Discrimination agaisnt one group of people over another based on a matter of Religous belief isn't lawful.... That is the issue with gay marriage..... Illegal discrimination rather than saying it's "ok" to put the rights of some people up to a vote.... How would you feel about a group of people voting on whether or not you should have the right of attending the church of your choise because they didn't like your choice?

    More accurately..... Some voters IN California voted for Clinton....... Same as some voters IN Texas voted for Trump.... And some voters in Texas voted for Clinton...and some voters in California voted for Trump...
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  3. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you're not saying that?

    Ok...that's what I thought..... You are saying one persons vote is less important than another's vote based on where they live.... Saying the popular vote is irrelevant is saying the same thing...

    All of our other elections are by popular vote.... Why should the Presidential election be any different?....
    Yes there is.....and it needs to be changed...

    Yes she lost under the current rules....which allow the voice of the majority to be overridden.....
    I'm not saying she "won"....what I am saying is that the electoral college needs to be eliminated so the equality of everyone's vote will be the same without regard for where they live... Shouldn't your vote count the same as someone elses vote whether they live in South Dakota or California?.....
    I have no problem whether a Republican or a Democrat wins a popular vote... I don't belong to, nor support, either one..... Im just making the case why the electoral college should be eliminated....
  4. Bubba74

    Bubba74 Well-Known Member

    that would mean the electors are not bound to the will of the people in their state, thus the election would simply be the 538 electors
    you giving too much power to cities with large populations (not even states- as Cook Cty goes- Chicago- so goes Illiniois) Hilly won CA by more than 3,000,000 votes- its undisputed. Take away LA and its county, she lost the popular vote nationwide.

    then the elections would by CA, FL, NY, IL
    everyone else can go pound salt
    One would think the wants and needs of "fly over country" should hold a little weight as to the direction of the nation

    by land mass I meant the Americans that live in the land mass (my bad for not clarifying) see above point

    that is the funny part about this entire situation
    The person and party that was "shocked" by Trumps answer is doing exactly what they were "shocked" about, its comical

    but the left has already proven they only like democracy when it works for them- I cite the Gay Marriage vote in CA, defeated by the people, so the left ran to the court to get what they wanted. The people voted, did not want that was democracy, running to the courts to get your will is not

    but that is democracy, it happens all the time
  5. johndeere4020

    johndeere4020 Well-Known Member

    There is some truth to that, we weren't supposed to know because a national election was deemed impossible to

    You do realize we are a representative republic not a direct democracy don't you? The founding fathers understood the danger of a direct democracy as do I and others here. Any one person in any one state is just as important as any other person in any other state. But the high population states shouldn't be able to ride roughshod over the smaller population states. Here's what I can tell you, it will take 2/3 of the states to dissolve the electoral college and that isn't going to happen so let it go man. I don't know where your from but look at this map and tell me it's ok for 3 areas to dictate to us.

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  6. a9faninnc

    a9faninnc Super Moderator Staff Member

    If Hillary had spent less time fundraising,in California,and more time in middle America,maybe the outcome would have been different.She had no message for working people.Just the same old tired Dem arguments and talking points..Too bad.Last I heard,our borders are still open and anyone is free to check out..
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  7. johndeere4020

    johndeere4020 Well-Known Member

    ^^^this is the point^^^

    She spent her entire campaign in a couple of hotspots and she won those (which she would have regardless) and ignored the rest of the people and payed the price. Honestly this was probably as "national" a campaign as I've ever seen and the democrats message just didn't resonate.
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  8. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    As usual though, Hillary's greedy paws were too busy stuffing her pockets with money to worry about the American people and what we wanted.
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  9. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Their message was really clouded. In fact, what was their message? The only thing that I recall is that everyone is a victim, we will give you free stuff, and Trump is a loose cannon.
    Not much of a real message there.
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  10. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    So the "government of the people, by the people, for the people" was nothing but nice sounding platitudes then.... Like the "We the People of the United States".......just more meaningless words .... I guess it's just for some of the people.......

    We have direct elections based on popular vote for all other political offices......what is the "danger" of electing a President by the same means..?

    Electing a President by means of a popular vote does not mean we have a "direct democracy" .......In a direct democracy voters can propose popular initiatives and even veto laws or treaties adopted by the government........ that has nothing to do with electing our "Representatives" which includes the President... then by that logic, it's ok for smaller population states to run "roughshod" over larger population states then?..... You see it's not "fair" that way either is it...... I'm only making the point that the population of a State doesn't really matter today when it comes to Electing the President of the United States...... We are the United nation.....selecting one should be done by a popular vote...each person having the same influence through one vote...... As far as the people that reside in the different states, they have elections, by popular vote, for their own state level and local leaders including their Governors..... They have a voice in the issues that pertain to their particular state....... We don't need an Electoral College to protect the citizens of the individual states...... Electing a President of our Country should be the same popular vote, as with any of our other leaders at a state level......

    I agree it is not going to happen.......but that isn't the point of the're singing the praises to the electoral college...and I am making my points on why it should be dissolved.... I somehow get the feeling that if the result were the'd be all in on ditching the Electoral college...... perhaps at some point we'll see that situation materialize and we'll find out how that all plays out.......

    Those areas depicted on the map are meaningless because those blue areas do not dictate over the Nation in any matter.... We have State and local level Governments that determine local laws and regulations that impact those areas and deal with local issues...... We don't need an Electoral college to prevent New York from "dictating" over Rhode Island......... As far as where I'm from.....what I will say about that is I was born ans raised in Wisconsin but have lived in other States...including California and Texas.. ......but as, I'm in a position that allows me to divide my time between different locations, domestically and internationally, I can say it gives me a broad perspective beyond life and issues of just one area.... I'm not saying your wrong....I am saying I disagree and why I disagree....
  11. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    No, I'm not.....once again......Using your Cook County/Chicago example... It really doesn't matter where in Illinois the voter resides......that voter is still in Illinois..... Downstate residents and residents beyond the confines of Cook County or Chicago have their own local level County and township level elected leaders to address the local issues germane to those areas.... You can't tell me honestly that Chicago rules over the entire state....

    Last I knew, California was part of the Nation.......You can't say "take away L.A. county...any more than you can say "take away Texas"...or wherever.....because all states are part of the Nation....... In our Nation of the United States of America....Clinton garnered 3 million more votes than Trump.......Doesn't matter where in the Nation they came from......We are one Nation..... Did that make her the winner?.... no of course not and I'm not saying that either...... I'm just voicing my opinion about why the electoral college's time has passed and needs to be dissolved....

    They do.....they send their elected representatives....elected locally by popular vote, to represent them in Washington.........

    I know what you mean.....I think the difference is no one or no state is being sued..... but you're right.....Jill Stein started the recount effort in a couple of states and Clinton was all in on that........ She should have never said what she said about how Trump must accept the outcome if he loses...... really that closed her off from any credible attempt at a recount, or any other action....

    The Supreme court ruled that same-sex marriages are constitutional...... It’s the freedom for Americans to make choices regarding their relationships and state-sanctioned discrimination is unconstitutional........ People do not have the right to vote on someones constitutional rights.......... ... What about if a group of people decided that they should just vote away your right to practice a certain religion just because they didn't like your choice....? ...same thing.....different right....

    Yes discrimination happens all the doesn't mean it's right....or lawful.... Same-sex marriage is a constitutional right......the same as any other constitutional right and people do not have a right to vote on anothers constitutional rights......that's not how it works.........
  12. Bubba74

    Bubba74 Well-Known Member

    in the instance of a presidential election, they do
    they have the population

    yes she did
    she won the popular vote
    not the Dems are in a tissy, sorry that is not the way our system works
    yes there was animosity in 2008 when Barry won, but the Rep did not run around trying to delegitimize his presidency, they even let him get away with that "Office of President Elect" bs (which has never happened before or currently)
    even Algore went after he was defeated

    which bring about two other questions
    1- where is marriage in the Constitution
    2- why is govt involved in the religious institution of marriage
    (I concede equal protection but marriage is not a Constitutional right)
  13. sportsman800

    sportsman800 Active Member

    It's all rural America's fault for electing trump yep I'm in rural America let's make America great again
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  14. henry j

    henry j Banned

    Ending food stamp fraud, immigration fraud, false green cards, fake drivers' licences, welfare fraud, illegal immigration are all way more important than the leftie's worn out fascination with Trump's tax returns. More importantly, where are those 30,000 or so missing e-mails that Hillary was so scared of the FBI finding? What damaging and criminal evidence do they contain involving "pay for play" while she was Sec of State selling influence to foreign gov't officials in return for cash for the Clinton Foundation. I remind you that she said in a recorded interview that she and Bubba was broke and in debt when leaving the WH. Now her and Bubba's personal wealth tops $200 million.....on a public servant's salary? I don't think so.
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  15. henry j

    henry j Banned

    I don't think so. Thanks to Obama, just food stamp recipients now top 46 million, up from 29 million just before his 2012 election.
    He "bought" that election with taxpayers' money, promising free-bes in exchange for votes.
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  16. henry j

    henry j Banned

    As old Ben Franklin said, "We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid" I think that fits well here.
  17. henry j

    henry j Banned

    That is the whole reason for the Dems, Obama and Hillary being so opposed to border security and voter ID's. They are more than willing to let this country be taken over by illegal immigrants and unvetted Syrians just to allow them to stay in political power. They have no concern for protecting our borders or the legal residents of this country. It's all about THEIR power and THEIR money.
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  18. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    And we take full responsibility.:6788:

    We can't have three metros deciding the fate of our country.
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  19. henry j

    henry j Banned

    The "silent majority" in America's middle-America finally spoke. That is where the election was won, with those electoral votes from those states full of "deplorables". Thank you for the "deplorables" (of which I can proudly say, I am one of).
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  20. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    The food stamp fraudsters are usually Democrat voters, so for the past eight years the Democrat's only response to the fraud was that "there could be a few isolated cases" but nothing to worry about. Sounds like their same response to voter fraud. Why do they always support fraud?
    Easy, because their message sucks, their policies suck, and they themselves commit fraud at every opportunity.
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